Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mini OPI and MUA Nail haul

(5 points if you see my cat in this picture) :)
Hey everyone - I wanted to get this done as I've got some great new colours to show you :) I will be doing an EPIC haul post soon - been a bit poorly this weekend so haven't been up to it, but I wanted to get this post up for you :)

So - on BuyaPowa the other day I managed to grab the OPI dutch treats - it's a set of 4 mini's from their Dutch collection - the 4 gorgeous colours are 'I have a Herring Problem', 'Red Lights Ahead... Where?', 'Kiss me on my Tulips' and 'Pedal Faster Suzi!' - Great names!

These are my first OPI purchases, previously I haven't been very impressed with them (with my limited experience of other people putting it on me when doing my nails), I find that they're very thick and take a while to dry, however, I was actually very impressed with these. They dried quickly, 2 coats gave a flawless finish with no streaking and really beautiful colours. So, I take back everything I said! I'd certainly be open to trying some more in the future thanks to that little set :) Each of the varnishes in the set are 3.75 ml, all 4 of them together are the
same as a full size one and in total it came to £8 with the discount for doing it on BuyaPowa.

Ok - MUA - I've tried a couple of their products in the past, like their Mosaic Blush in English Rose (and loved it!) but I really wanted to try their varnishes too as they had some really nice colours. I have to say, I was impressed, I bought 3, each of them is 6.2 ml, so not very big bottles, but they are only £1 each!! Bargain! I bought shades 12, 19 and 24. They apply really well, I wasn't expecting much considering their price but I was really happy - the only negative I could think of was the brush, it wasn't the best as it was a bit splayed out, but you can't expect perfection for £1 each. The colours apply really well, 2 coats is enough for great coverage. On my acrylic nails they don't have a lot of natural sheen so they definitely needed a clear top coat, but most varnishes do anyway. A definite thumbs up :)

I did also purchase a colour of theirs in their Love Hearts series, it's in the colour U & I - a bright yellow (pastel) colour. It applies as well as the others, and costs £2. I just don't think the colour suited me that well, not with my fair skin tone. One nice thing I did notice when I was wearing it though was that it made my skin look darker, like I had a light tan, and that I liked :) The bottle is slightly bigger than the other ones at 6.8ml but in my opinion,
wasn't worth the extra £1.

And, I know it's not nails, but I really wanted to mention the MUA Love Hearts lip balm I bought too, it's in the colour Sugar Lips and has the most amazing scent / taste - it smells like butter frosting on a cupcake, really really lovely :) It feels nice and conditioning on the lips and provides a hint of fresh pink colour - I think this was either £1 or £2 too - so really happy with that :)

Pixi3 out


  1. I love OPI collections, they are so adorable! I am a massive fan of MUA nail polish as well, yes the brush is a bit blah, but i love that I can buy two colours and have change from a fiver!
    Stace x

    1. hehe yeah MUA are great value and decent quality, esp when you consider the price :)


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