Friday, 16 March 2012

Revlon Lip Butters - they're finally here in the UK!!!

Guys guys guys, I'm super excited!!! I've been searching and searching for the lip butters for days / weeks now, and after reading up about other girls who've managed to get places like Superdrug to sell them to them before being showcased I thought I'd try my luck at my local superdrug too, and boy am I glad I did!!!

So, I'll cut to the chase, I bought 4 awesome colours!!! Lollipop, Creme Brulee, Cupcake and

Strawberry Shortcake - Lollipop is definitely my favourite, I'm actually wearing it as we speak I love it so much!

All of the colours are gorgeous - and I'm pretty sure I will wear them to death :p

As for the consistency they are exactly as we've all watched and read about - a balm, a lipstick, a gloss - all rolled into one - they have a lovely finish on them and they all have different qualities, some are more matt than others, some have glitter, some don't etc, but ultimately what brings them all together, is their pure awesomeness! They are so wearable, and for what they are, I'm happy with how well they last. I've been wearing the Lollipop colour now for about 3 hours, I've
had 1 cup of tea (which quite a bit of lipstick was left on the cup), but my lips still look well covered and I haven't had to re-apply.

Here's some swatches for you :)

I believe Superdrug will be having an offer on them which will be 2 for £9.99, they wern't on offer for me, I paid £7.99 for each of them, which is about $10 each - so quite a lot, but on offer they'll be a great deal :) I paid it anyway as I really wanted them :)

So all in all, very very happy and impressed - well done Revlon - I'm so glad I've re-discovered you :)

Pixi3 out


  1. Those colours are lovely, I need pinky and the toupe colour! <3

    1. hehe yeah - they have a gorgeous colour selection :)

  2. Now I feel like buying these even more now! Have had my eye on them! Thanx for the review!

    :) x

    1. Your welcome :) You really should get them, they're awesome!!!


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