Sunday, 4 March 2012

Seasonal Trend - Neons!

Hey everyone! Thought I'd do a slightly different post today - this is about this seaons' trend, which if you've been following it at all, you'll already know is Neon!

This really takes me back to the 80's, wearing neon earrings and jewellery, and bright (but pastel) eye shadows :) Oh and lets not forget crimped hair teased up to the max!

So the question is, how do I look on trend, without looking like the 80's has thrown up on me? Well, there's a few nice ways you can do this.

The Cambridge Satchel company have released a gorgeous range of their bags in neon shades - not dissimilar to the Rebecca Minkoff bags which retail for around the £200 mark.

The Classic satchel (one pictured) retails for about £75 and as you can see, comes in a great range of on-trend colours too :)

Also - the likes of TopShop and New Look, amongst many others, are selling a great range of bright coloured ballet pumps at the moment (and with a special mention to top shop for their awesome trackstar chunky hi-top trainers - I WILL be getting a pair of these) :)

Now, if bright shoes and Neon bags aren't your thing, OPI are doing a great collection of bright / Neon colours at the moment, these are available on their website as well as in department stores that sell OPI :)

MAC are also doing a great collection of colours bright for the spring in their Shop / Cook collection available online, and I believe that their flagship store in London. So, instead of accessorising for the season, perhaps team up with a pastel matt lip, bight eye and neon nails :)

Hope you've enjoyed this slightly different post :)

Pixi3 out


  1. Very cool and very informative, although I won't be trying any of it out myself. I'm a sucker for spot-on grammar, too. Kudos.

    1. Thanks :) I do try :) Well, you could always get yourself a Neon wallet :) or Tie :)


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