Monday, 21 May 2012

Get to Know Me - Part 2

Hey everyone, hope you've all had a fantastic weekend?

Well, I was planning on doing this yesterday, but about 1 hour before I was about to write it, hubby and I had a game of Age of Mythology on the computers, and low and behold, his computer exploded!  It was quite dramatic, a big bang and his PC just was instantly off... if you know anything about computers, read on, otherwise feel free to skip to my Q&A :D  So, what had happened was one of the massive capacitors in the PSU had exploded, which really shouldn't happen, especially as the PSU is only 1 year old, and the wattage is higher than needed... ah well, it had a 2 year warranty so we'll swap it out today :)

So, the question was kindly provided by the lovely Artistik1979, you can find her on Twitter here, and her blog here - she also has a lovely etsy shop making all nice bow things :D

Q: When is your birthday? How old are you? Why did you start youtube chanel? What's your hobbies? Fav foods? Fav restaurant?

A:  Well, that's a lot of questions!  I'll tackle them one by one :)

(When is your Birthday?)  My birthday is April 17th, so you've just missed it :)  

(How old are you?)  I was the grand old age of 33!

(Why did you start youtube channel?) Well, I'd been watching lots of beauty videos from people like beachbum06, emilynoel, sprinkleofglitter, missglamorazzi etc and really enjoyed watching them.  Making videos and putting myself on youtube scared the heck out of me, and it was really something I wanted to do.  So, I decided to hell with the scaredness (is that even a word?) and I just jumped in and started making them :)  I think for anyone that's been following my videos for any length of time will definitely see an improvement in them, not just in my confidence, but also where I film them, the fact I now look at the camera and not the screen.  I really enjoy making them, and love responding to people's comments on there too.  I also don't have anyone really in my life that I can geek-out about Makeup with, so this is a really nice way for me to do that :)

(What's my hobbies?)  Well, other than makeup, Gaming is a big one.  I play Minecraft a lot right now, Age of Mythology, World of Warcraft (Horde!), Halo, Sims 3... the list goes on :)  I also love painting and drawing, watching films, cuddling my cat :)  In fact, I did a TAG video recently on my hobbies, I'll pop that below as it does include a tiny bit of game footage :)

(Favourite Foods?) This has changed a lot in the last year as I'm now vegetarian.  Being typical to my Irish background, I love potatoes!  I literally have them every day :)  I also love fruits like mango, blueberries and melon.  I do make a mean Feta and Black Olive Tart, nom!

(Favourte Restaurant?) I have to pick these by location :)  In Reading, where I used to live, it has to be Mya Lacarte, this is where I had my wedding reception, amazing food and service, love it!  Here in Cardiff is has to be Jamie's Italian, much the same in amazing service and food.

Thanks to Artistik for those questions, more coming next week!  Don't forget to post questions below, or on my twitter.


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  1. It's good to know more about you! :)
    Have a great day!


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