Sunday, 27 May 2012

Get to Know Me - Part 3

Hello everyone!  The lovely Artistik1979 has once again this week supplied me with some questions for me to answer :)  You can find her on twitter (linked above) with links to her blog on there too ;)  So, without further ado, I shall delve in and answer her questions, thanks Artistik :)

Q.  How many piercings do I have?
A.  Just one at the moment (lip) although I used to have more.  I started with getting my tongue pierced about 13 years ago, and about 6 months after that I had my lip done and my eyebrow (now and then you may notice a scar on my eyebrow, well, 2 scars).  The eyebrow grew out after about a year, and I had it done again a couple of years later, but it never really healed and was really sore so I had to take it out.  The tongue piercing I only took out about 6 months ago, my tongue got swollen, really swollen and wouldn't go down, it got really painful then as the tongue bar was shorter than my tongue was swollen, so I took it out.  2 days later my tongue was better and the hole left behind by the piercing was healed.  So now, it's just the lip ring, which I don't plan on getting rid of just yet - however, I don't want to be an 'old' person clinging on to their youth with their piercings, so I probably won't have it for too much longer ;)

Q.  How tall am I?
A.  5ft 6in  (don't know what that is in centimeters sorry!)

Q.  What is my favorite smell?
A.  This is a hard one to answer, there's a lot of smells I like, for different reasons, so I'll break it down.
Perfume - would have to be sweet scents, my fav perfumes are ones like Lacoste a Touch of Pink, Chanel Chance, Ralph Lauren Romance etc.  In Life/Nature is has to be the smell of freshly cut grass even though it usually makes me sneeze :)  I also love love love the smell of Honeysuckle, when I was a kid we had a honeysuckle bush at the side of the house and I always loved how it smelt, I still do :)  I also love the smell of the perfume my mum used to wear (Vanderbelt), just smelling it now brings a tear to my eye as it reminds me of my mum so much ;)

Q.  What is my favorite flower?
A.  I have a couple of favorite flowers, my absolute favorite is Lillies, specifically stargazer lillies, they're so pretty and they smell soooo good!  I love tulips too for their simplicity and elegance, you also can't go wrong with a daisy :)

I hope you enjoyed that - feel free to answer those questions yourself too and post them as a comment below or do your own blog post on it and link back to me with it ;)

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend, I've spent the weekend down in Pembrokeshire visiting my step-dad, here's a couple of pics of the weekend for you :)

New haircut just before leaving for the weekend - had about 6 inches cut off!  Yikes!

Pixi3 out

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  1. Same thing with my tongue. Got it for 2 days, 10 years ago... :)


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