Sunday, 13 May 2012

Get to Know Me

Hello everyone!  As inspired by - I actually thought this was a lovely idea, to answer a couple of questions each week to 'get to know me'.  So, what I'm going to do is..... either, leave your questions as a comment below and/or tweet them to me, my twitter handle is @twinklinpixi3.

I'll start you off with 1 random question - for this I'm going to choose... umm.... ok, the question I'm asking myself (strange I know), is "What's your favourite kind of music"?

Ah, great question me!  I shall answer!

There's a LOT of different music I like, and I mean, a LOT!  My true love will always be Heavy Metal, primarily Slipknot, Slayer, KoRn, Disturbed, Foo's, RHCP (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), QOTSA (Queens of the Stone Age) and a zillion more.  As well as really loving Ska and Reggae.  But, I also cultivate a love for more... lets say, different music.  For example, the soundtrack to the film Juno, it's so quirky and happy I love it!  So... I'll try to list some random bands/singer/songwriters I like that aren't heavy metal too...

The Shins
Zero 7
Colin Hay
Nick Drake
Frou Frou
Luke Conard
Kimya Dawson
Captain Accident
Daft Punk
Lemon Jelly

to name but a few!  And, it goes without saying that I love Metallica, Bob Marley, Toots and the Maytals, Led Zepplin, Jimmy Hendrix etc etc.  Then we go into another side of music I love, Swing!  So, Frank Sinatra, Rat Pack, then into Motown like Stevie Wonder etc - which then moves into Vietnam era music like Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones.  I'm also quite partial to classical music - well, piano classical.  Chopin's Prelude in D Flat Major (Raindrops) is one of my favourite pieces, then the popular Clair du Lune etc (excuse any spelling mistakes)!

So, I think it's fair to say my taste is, eclectic (hope I don't sound too ponsy!)

Hope that answered my question! :)

Pixi3 out


  1. Replies
    1. Yep, started it in January, hope you like it :) and thanks for subscribing :)

  2. I LOVE that you liked my idea (thanks for reading!)!! I'm really similar in musical tastes where I like a lot of different genres. I could be listening to gangsta rap, then 60s Italian pop, then something like Opeth!

    1. Hehe cool! Yeah I think it's good to have varied musical taste, keeps people guessing and keeps things interesting :)

      Yeah, it was a great idea :)


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