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She Said Beauty Box - May

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Hey guys - well as promised here's my review of the May She Said Beauty box.

First impressions are that I love, love, love it!  I don't regret switching from GlossyBox to them 1 bit - much better products with much better value - I'll be subscribing for a while me thinks :)

So, without further ado - I'll bring in the pics!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company - Nancy False Eye Lashes

What I like about these is that they're not too over the top - when I wear false eye lashes I like for them to be fairly natural - but with a bit of flair, I like to look like I'm wearing false eye lashes, but not look like a done-up glamour model (as if!)

Inika - Certified Vegan Lip Whip

What really struck me about this was it's incredible pigmentation - if you want my video (below) you'll see me swatch it, 1 swipe and it's full on colour!  No scent (EDIT: There is a scent, a light apricot scent which is really lovely - I couldn't smell this the first time as I had so many other scents going on from the box), but that's a good thing - too many of these glosses have horrible scents - *shudders at remembering the DuWop Venom gloss from a previous GlossyBox* and this is nothing like the DuWop one I'm pleased to say.

Natio - Lotus Soap Trio

These soaps (you receive 1 in the box but they're massive so that's ok!) feature all-natural Indian Attar perfumes which embrace the scents used during yoga - so calming scents.  The bar itself feels nice, it didn't feel too soapy in my hands as some can even when they're dry.  This soap smelt just lovely - I can't wait to finish the remnents of my Lush 'Honey I washed the Kids' soap so I can try this out.  The smell is quite floral, which isn't usually my cup of tea, but the scent is very gentle and not too over powering so it's ok.  Oh, and I love the simplistic branding too.

Green People - SPF 15 with Tan Accellerator

Now this product really confuses me... SPF 15, so a mild sun block, yet it's a tan accellerator????  I looked up the product on their website too and I'm still none the wiser... I think it helps to block out the harmful stuff from the sun, but at SPF 15 it'll only be a tiny bit, and helps you tan quicker... maybe that's better.  Personally I just burn straight away, I never go brown, so maybe if I had the same amount of exposure to the sun - say, 1 hr on a sunny day at lunch time, without it I'd burn, with it I'd start to go brown... hmm, food for thought!

Kim Kardashian - Eau De Parfum

Ok, this I was a bit dubious about for many reasons.  I shall list them.
1.  I don't like Kim Kardashian.
2.  All the perfumes I've been sent on prev beauty boxes have been horrid.
3.  Both of the above.  However, I do quite like this one.  The scent is nice, something slightly different than I would normally try - it's both sweet (yay) and floral (boo), but the application is fantastic, I love the little ball at the top, so instead of a spray, or stick in a bottle, you can roll this on which uses the perfume more liberally so it'll last longer.  Likey, likey!

Snowberry - 3 Sample Gift, thanks SheSaid!

I love the packaging on these, so pretty!  3 different creams, and they're the 3 I would use.  I'm slightly hesitant to try them, only because the moisturiser I use now is so great, it's cleared up my skin from acne a treat, so I'm worried about not using it.  But, this will only be for a couple of days so if I do get any adverse affects they'll soon be over :)

As this was my first SheSaid box I was a bit nervous about what I'd get.  Overall I'm super happy and so glad I made the switch from GlossyBox, I love everything about these.  The box, the packaging, the products, I can't wait to see what I get next month :)

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  1. What kind of price is this compared to Glossybox? I unsubscribed from Glossybox after a couple of months cause I just didn't think it was good enough value for money!


    1. She said is £1 cheaper than Glossy Box - it's £9 for the box and £2.95 p&p - I know it's not much of a difference, but I think you get a lot more for your money - I mean, I had 2 full size items, no 3, and 1 of them alone was worth more than the box - I'm much happier with it than I was with GlossyBox :) If you pop onto my Twitter @twinklinpixi3, I linked their subscription page today :)


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