Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Hey everyone,

Sorry for being so slow with my blog posts at the moment, its all because of hubby's computer going poof!  He should have a new power supply unit in a few days (after the weekend), and I should be able to get on top of my posts again :)  So, thank you so much for your patience I really appreciate it :)

And as a thank you for all being so lovely, I'm going to tell you 1 thing that's in the makeup giveaway I'm going to be doing, it's a Fashionista eye shadow in the stunning colour (I seriously want to keep this myself!) Bewitched (shade 6) - basically, swirly purple :)

There are 10 other items, which include the makeup bag I've put them in for you :)

So, soon as we get to 50 subscribers, I'll launch the giveaway.  So, if you have a friend who likes to read beauty blogs, maybe give them a little nudge in my direction ;)

Thanks again lovelies!

Pixi3 out

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