Monday, 25 June 2012

7 Things in 7 Days

So I was reading the lovely Sprinkle of Glitter's blog the other day and she had this wonderful idea for other bloggers to get involved with, so I thought I'd get involved too, I could definitely do with the motivation!

The challenge is to come up with 7 things to do - now, I actually started this 2 days ago (but didn't get around to writing the blog post until now, I know, I'm terrible!), so here's my 7 things :)

7 Things

1.  Write a blog post about things I want to buy (so far) when my Project 10 Pan is over.
2.  Lose weight this week at Slimming World (have been going for 7 weeks so far and lost 1 stone)  :)
3.  Dye my hair (I've had the dye for ages!)
4.  Cook a proper meal (not just stuff you chuck in the oven) every day :)
5.  Brush the cat - she's malting like crazy right now
6.  Make a 40th Birthday card for a friend of mine
7.  Make a get well soon card for a family member

Here's how I'm doing so far...
1.  Not started yet... will do tho :)
2.  We'll find out Wednesday
3.  Screw it, I'll do this tonight!
4.  So far I've cooked a meal every day (today was homemade bean chilli, yesterday was seared chopped leeks and cherry tomatoes with crushed garlic, quorn fillets and new potatoes) nom!
5.  Haven't started
6.  Haven't started
7.  Really need to start :)

I'll update my progress regularly - this has to be over by the end of the month :)

Thank you Mrs Glitter for a great idea!

Pixi3 out

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