Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Complaint Part 2 - My 1 hr Consultation with Chanel

So today was my free 1 hour consultation with the lovely Jess at Chanel here in Cardiff.  Before I go in depth, it was awesome!  Jess was lovely, as were all the staff there, really friendly, not patronising or clicky as you often find at these type of places.  I love, love, love what Jess did with my makeup - I pretty much gave her free reign to do what she wanted - the only stipulation was no extremes (so I didn't want 'the natural look' or like I was about to hit the clubs).  What I really loved, is that she used colours I wouldn't normally use, and she really made them work.

Jess used the new Chanel quad out called Éclosion -

it's a beautiful quad with a sort of berry/red wine/burgundy colour, this is the colour I wouldn't normally wear, but she used it in the crease, and beautifully.  One of the highlights of the makeup she did, for me, was the eye liner.  She winged it differently than I normally would and I loved it - it was very classic and something I'm going to try to master myself :)  As soon as I'm done with Project 10 Pan, I'm going to purchase this straight away - my only hope is that they still sell it when I'm done :S

These are all the products she used
Base - Le blanc de chanel
Concealer - Perfection lumiere 20
Foundation - Vitalumiere Aqua (20)
Powder - Loose clair
(no bronzer)
Eyebrows - Eclosion and Le Sourail de chanel
Eye Liner - Stilo yeux noir and liquid eyeliner
Mascara - Base / Sublime Noir
Lip Colour - Rouge Coco Shine - Boy
Blusher - Rose ecrin

Jess, if you're reading this - thank you.  I love what you did, and as always, love all the products :)  And thanks to Chanel for offering me this opportunity - like I said, sometimes it pays to complain :)

Pixi3 out

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