Saturday, 7 July 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT! New Item added to Giveaway!

Yep, you heard it, I'm adding ANOTHER item to the giveaway :)  I simply couldn't resist, it's a product with amazing reviews and is frequently compared to the Naked 2 palette.  Drumroll...... it's the MUA Undressed palette :)  I'm sorry the quality of the photo's aren't great, but at least you'll get an idea :)

To see a comparison shade for shade to the Naked 2 palette, have a look at Leanne's blog at 'Do Not Refreeze' she compares both together shade against shade.

Why you ask?
Because I'm amazed how well this giveaway is going, and can't believe how much people are getting involved with it, its fantastic and makes me super happy :)  So as a further thank you, I wanted to add this item.  Now, I did buy one for myself too (yes I know I'm on project 10 pan, but I didn't want to pay postage & packaging twice (sold out in my superdrug) so it's sitting on the side, unopened until P10P has finished)  :)

So, thank you all for making this giveaway a roaring success, keep up the good work, and keep sharing, tweeting etc :)

Pixi3 out

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