Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Friend Swaps Number 4

Hey everyone and welcome to 'Friend Swaps Number 4'!  Today is all about Barry M and their wonderful Dazzle dusts, I have a couple of these now and love them!  So this one my friend gave me as it's not a colour she would generally wear - she's more into dark colours, whereas I'll wear them all pretty much :)

The Barry M Dazzle Dust she gave me is a beautiful light shimmery purple (my favourite colour!).  These cost £4.59 each and come in a massive range of colours, I mean, like over 50... pretty decent!  I did already have one, which was actually given to me by another friend, that's a deep purple - both I love!

*without primer*

As you can see this is a super pretty colour, they're all really well pigmented and the colour lasts really well.  It's worth mentioning that when I do all my swatching for my blog/youtube, I never use a primer on them first, so assuming you all use primers (most people I know do), then the colours will be a lot more vibrant.

What's your favourite Barry M Dazzle Dust?

Pixi3 out


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  1. I love Barry M dazzle dust too! :)



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