Tuesday, 3 July 2012

July She Said Beauty Box

Hey everyone!  So, it's that time of the month again, there is a June favourites blog coming, and my SheSaid beauty box, which is what you've come here for :)  

So, it arrived this morning and considering I had the day off today I was super excited that I didn't have to wait until the weekend to pick it up from the post office, so I decided to do a video of it's unboxing too :)  That, I'll be putting up on youtube today, when it is live, I'll embed it in this post.  

(I did try to add pics here of the box complete, but blogger keeps making them go sideways)  :S

First off, I'm really really happy with this box (as you'll see in my reaction on the video when it's up), I love all the things in it, some more than others, but without further ado, I'll crack on :)

The Vintage Cosmetic Company - Eyelash Curler

Yay!  I've had a cheap (£2) eyelash curler for ages, and now I have this one!  I'm so happy with it (although, I haven't tried it yet, so... I'm happy with the idea of it)  :)  I can't wait to try it out!  I also like that they come with 2 spare sponges :)

Stylfile nail file

This I've seen about, it's from Tom Pellereau who won the apprentice previously.  It's a curvy 'S' shaped nail file with a rough and less-rough side and a pretty pink trim.  I can't wait to try this out!  I need a decent 'hard' nail file as I have acrylic nails, which are getting rather long, so this is perfect timing!

Miners Bronzer and Blusher blend

Such a pretty colour!  This is called 'Sun Blushed' and on the back it says 'A complimenting blend of bronze and pink that leaves skin with a gorgeous sun blushed glow' - this I can't wait to try, I'm half tempted to take off all my makeup and put it back on so I can use this (and the new eyelash curlers)!  Sooo pretty!  

(above without flash)

 (above with flash)

Ice Crystals Anti-Ageing Prep & Polish

I'll be honest, I haven't heard of these before.  This is the only item in the box that isn't full size, and I'm fine with that, usually with beauty boxes you're lucky to get 1 full size item, let alone 4!  So, this is a little sachet, apparently, and I quote "is an incredible skin resurfacing treatment that retextures, illuminates & rejuvenates skin"  well, not sure about all that, but I'll give it a go :)

Murad - Time release blemish cleanser

This was the 4th full size item I received - it's the smaller of their sizes but that makes no difference to me.  They claim that "Now you can fight two stubborn skin concerns at the same time with the first patented time-release Anti-Ageing Blemish regime clinically proven to reduce blemishes while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles".  Well, we'll see about that - I'll let you know how I get on once I've had time to try it properly :)

My main disappointment with this box is the Miners Bronzer and Blusher, my impression of SheSaid beauty, as with other beauty boxes is that they're supposed to be 'high end or luxury samples', and as much as we all love a full size item, this is by no way high end, it costs £4.99 the same as the recent BarryM bronzer I bought.

Here's my Unboxing Video!

Pixi3 out


  1. That's a great box! I am interested in the file - I always carry one with me. The bronzer/blush looks so pretty!

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