Monday, 23 July 2012

Lush Emotional Brilliance

Hey everyone!  Hope you haven't all had a too bad Monday?  Me? I found it hard to stay awake at work... that's burning the candle at both ends for you (nothing exciting though, blogging until late)  :D

So, on the way home from work today, I needed to stop into Lush to pick up some shampoo and conditioner refills (Veganese conditioner and I love Juicy shampoo just in case you were wondering!) and I saw all the Emotional Brilliance branding on the window, only then did I remember that's their makeup line, so, super excited I dash in and have a look to see what it's all about :)

Using it as a blusher (I may have gone a little crazy with it!)

and on the lips - love this colour!

A friendly assistant came over to explain it to me, now, me being a bit dumb, thought they were all nail varnishes, lol, but no, low and behold they're multi-purpose products! yay!  I went for 'Perspective'.  It's a lovely colour for the lips, and works beautifully as a blusher too - nice!

The friendly assistant did also mention that some of the colours could double up as eye liner too - which I do remain a bit dubious about, just because I can't imagine it having amazing staying power, but, what do I know, it's not like I've tried it :)

Now, I haven't had time to extensively test this, but my first impressions are great, they come in such a great range of colours, they're not tested on animals, they're handmade and almost completely recyclable, awesome-sauce!  Each one costs £14.50 and contains 5g of product.

I'll definitely be recommending these :)  Have you tried any yet?  What did you think?

Pixi3 out


  1. That looks fab on your cheeks and lips! I'm really tempted by the translucent powder... xx

    1. Thanks :) I only looked at the Emotional Brilliance stuff, at £14.50 each, I was scared to look at their other stuff, I was already spending loads there :p

  2. gahh! this looks totally gorgeous on you, miss lady!
    when i found out that lush was selling makeup i peed a little -- as a devoted lushie i can't wait to get my piggy little hands on their newer things!!


    1. hahaha I love your comment :) Yeah, I love lush, couldn't wait to try out their makeup - the lipstick thingy I got actually lasts really well. It sorta sets on the lips like max factor lipfinity, but isn't sticky and doesn't need a balm and wipes off with ease :) I love it!


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