Saturday, 14 July 2012

MAC Hey Sailor Highlighter

Hey everyone, slightly old news with this one, but I've been using it a lot and wanted to share my thoughts with you :)

MAC Hey Sailor! Highlighter Crew

So here's the bit where I tell you what I think, and I'll warn you, it's mixed.

So, partly my fault for not reading up reviews first.  But, I didn't have a highlighter and I wanted one.  I was using my MAC msf in Blonde as one and as lovely as it is, I wanted a proper highlighter.  So, from what I can gather, like most people we seemed to think the colours were just sprayed on top and once they're gone you'd be left with a lovely shimmer for a highlighter underneath.  WRONG.

These colours go all the way down.  It's not a highlighter, despite what it says on the back.  It's quite clearly a blusher, as you can see by my swatches.  So, after being initially very disappointed, I then started wearing it as a blusher, and loved it :)  It's just a case of re-purposing this one.  It's a blusher, end of.

Did you get this at all?  What did you think about it?

Pixi3 out



  1. I've never found a good highlighter, to be honest. But I agree, based on the photos, that the MAC seems to make a pretty good blush!

    1. Yeah it's a lovely blush :) I did find a good highlighter, it's a dupe for Benefit, and it's by MeMeMe called Moonbeam, I bet you can guess what it's a dupe for :) And only £4.99 / £5.99 :)

  2. I really do love this, considering getting it before its sold out forever!

  3. This looks lovely as a blusher - bit weird that they call it a highlighter!

  4. I've not seen this before! Looks so cool! I love products that look a bit different and quirky x


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