Saturday, 14 July 2012

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish - Blonde

Hey everyone, today's post is about the fabulous MAC Mineralize Skin Finish (part of their Naturally collection) in Blonde.  Now, I believe this was limited edition, but from what I can gather they bring this back quite often, like, the last couple of years.  So fear not, should you love this, just wait six months or so, and hopefully they'll re-release it again :)

But for the moment, here's all the lovely pics :)

The darker colour (on the left on my hand) is the one I use for a blush on the apples of my cheeks, and then the far right colour (the lightest on my hand) is the one I use as a highlighter - I love, love, love this blusher, it's so pretty and really good if you have fair skin :)  Keep your eyes peeled for the next time they release it :) I'll try to keep you posted :)

Have you tried this before?  What did/do you think?

Pixi3 out


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