Monday, 23 July 2012

Monday Blogger Loves

Hey guys, so this is a bit of a different post - do let me know if you like these, and I'll do more of them, I know I really like doing other posts than just Makeup ones :)

So I've recently been spending loads more time looking at other peoples blogs, and I've found some amazing people - some with lots of subscribers, and some with not many.  So, regardless of how popular they are, for me, it's all about the content, and the feel of their blog.  I plan on this being the first of a regular series of other bloggers I've found that I really like - I'll be posting links to them and a little skit about why I like their blog and a screenie of their blog, that way, you at least know I've sent you to the right place :p  So, here goes nothing!

The Black Pearl Blog

There's quite a few reasons I like this blog - firstly, the same - it screams Pirates of the Carribean (and, ahem, Johnny Depp!)  And lets face it, who doesn't want to be reminded of Johnny Depp?

Sandra, the blogger, is really beautiful, and has a great taste in makeup, jewellery and style.  She embrases who she is, as realistically I think most bloggers do (the ones I chose to read anyway) and that, I can really relate to.

She has a fantastic blog, I love the style, and she has really high quality photos, something I strive for and will never get close to unless I start taking pictures with a proper camera, and not my iPhone :)  She updates her blog regularly, at time of posting this, she has over 35 posts for July alone!  That's more than 1 a day, so she's a girl with a lot to say and I like that :)  So, that's The Black Pearl Blog - fun, elegant, stylish and individual - I can see why it's so popular ;)

Pixi3 out


  1. Thank you so much Georgina! It really means a lot to me. Bloggers like you keep me going :) blogging is my passion and I have got a lot to share :) Thank you lovely x

    1. You're most welcome :) As I mentioned to you on twitter, I really do enjoy your blog and I love blogs that are updated all the time - makes it worthwhile checking in all the time :)

  2. I love posts like this!xo

  3. I just checked out The Black Pearl Blog and it's great, thanks for the recommendation xxx

  4. Ohh this is great idea and post!




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