Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Strictly Eye Liners

Hey everyone!  How are you all today?  I'm fine, thanks for asking :)

So, this is a bit of a late post, in that I bought these Christmas 2011.  Only today when I took them out to photograph and swatch them did I really have a good look at them and think, you know what, these are pretty decent.  I bought them from Boots and it was actually in the January (2012) I bought them when they were trying to clear all the old stock. Now, I've had a look on the Boots website, and I don't think they're selling them any more - so I'm sorry to do yet another post of a discontinued item :(  But, I still wanted to share them with you :)  Photos and review below :)

These are my favourites of the collection, possibly becuase the items I can see myself using the most.  The plum colour liquid eye liner is stunning, in fact, they all are :)  To get that nice amount of glitter below, that was 4 heavy coats of glitter, allowing it to try between each application first.  But it's nice to see there are 3 ways to wear them - alone, both or just glitter.  I prefer them alone or with glitter :)

These are really thick and creamy - that might have been something to do with being photographed in a roasting hot conservatory though ;)  Either way, beautiful colours, the idea with these is to use them as a cream eye shadow, or as a highly blended eye liner for your upper lash line.  Now, my eyes crease like crazy so these aren't great on me, but if you don't have massively hooded/oily eyes I'm sure they'd be great :)

I love the colours of these, well, the light one - the other is just a standard black.  But, the light one, I'm not sure I'd ever use, I just can't carry off colours this light.  Maybe if I had darker skin I could, but as it stands, as pretty as it is, I can't use it, just too light.

To see the mascara, it's the the pic at the top :)  It's pretty decent, but likes to clump, so it was a challenge to get it as good as I did, not easy. Not the best wand, but I've used worse :)

Whoa, a lot of photos!  Did any of you pick these up at Christmas time?  What did you think?

Pixi3 out



  1. Love the way you did your swatches, they glitters look so pretty layered up!

    Great blog, i'm now following!


    1. Thanks :) I'll give your blog a check later when I'm at home :)


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