Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque

Hey guys :)  Here's a little story for you.  A while ago, I complained to Chanel and as an apology they sent to me a little card with a couple of lip gloss samples.  They were mostly red, which was great because I've never found the right shade of red, so I excitedly ripped off the backing and starting applying the different colours.  There was a clear favourite, in the colour Dragon (75), a Rouge Allure Laque, and oh.. my.. god did I love it!  It was the perfect shade for me, not too bright not too dark, and a hint of glittery sparkle which you can't really see unless you look really closely.  The problem with this was that it was discontinued.  So the silly billies at Chanel, sent me an item as an apology which is discontinued, well that aside and despite Chanel HQ not being able to find one they did have one in my local Chanel counter at boots.  It was a real shot in the dark since they don't even display it any more.  I was so happy to find it :D

My Thoughts

I love it!  There isn't really any bleed which is my usual problem with red.  If you can see any on the pic, that's from the red I was wearing underneath it and not the Chanel one :)  You'll easily get a good 2 hours out of it without needing to top it up, it's a lovely soft gloss that's really rich in colour.  This is now my go-to red, I really love it, I'm just gutted they don't make it anymore, when this one is finished, I won't be able to replace it :(

Pixi3 out


  1. This is stunning!
    I found you through BlogHop :)


    1. Thanks a million! I'll check out your blog and sub now :)

  2. So, they sent you this sample as an apology?
    That's great!
    And yeah, too bad they discountinued Dragon, such a gorgeous shade!

    1. Oh that's not a sample, that set me back about £20 when I found it, they sent me a tiny sample of it, which led me to go and source it :D Yeah I love love love the colour!

  3. A gorgeous colour, it looks beautiful on you! xx


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