Sunday, 12 August 2012

London 2012

I've decided to do a slightly different post sort of, ad hoc.  I'm sitting here watching the closing of the Olympics of London 2012 (sorry if I'm in breach of copyright for typing the word Olympics, but lets be fair, that's what it is!) and I've honestly found the whole experience so emotional.  

Before this year, I'd never really watched any of the Olympics, just didn't interest me, but this year, I don't know what it was but I made the effort to watch the opening ceremony, and that was it, I was hooked!  I've watched all sorts of sports, rowing, archery, judo, basketball, diving, swimming, running, heptathlon, cycling and more - I've watched Britains and others get Gold, Silver and Bronze, and I've been happy for every single one of them.  It's been an amazing experience, and I really regret not getting tickets and going to London to see some of it.  But there's no point me regretting it, it's all done now :)

It's been an awesome spectacle of history and achievement, with women from some countries being able to partake in the olympics for the first time, to dozens of world records being broken - wonderful people like Mo Farrah doing our country proud, and seeing pure legends like Bolt - it's been a privilege.

One thing the Olympics being here has done, is made me want to get fit - I've been out walking more and I'd like to get closer to my old fitness levels.  I've already been losing weight for a while now, so that I want to keep up more than ever :)

The closing ceremony has been somewhat emotional for me.  I'm so sad it's all coming to and end, this great journey we've all been on - and what's been lovely, is that even just watching from home, I've felt like I'm a part of it :)  Hearing Imagine by John Lennon was hard for me (it was my mums funeral song - and her anniversary is a week today), but it was fantastic to hear all the music, and see everyone having so much fun and loving it.  Also, so much fun on twitter, never seen my news feed so busy!!!

So, thank you London 2012 it's been a pleasure and privilege.

Pixi3 out


  1. I have absolutely loved the Olympics; I've been a fan since 2000 which are actually the first games I remember, and I'm already excited for Rio. The inspiration it provides is unlike any other, seeing people achieve their dreams has made me cry over and over and I really think we've done ourselves proud from start to finish! xx

  2. I couldn't agree more!!! I can feel myself plunging into a post olympics depression already!


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