Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday Blogger Loves

Greetings beautiful people <3  Hope you're having a wonderful Monday?

Today I bring you, the one and only Talbs!

This is a recent discovering via the #bblogger chat on twitter than happens on a Sunday evening.  The first thing that stuck me was, lovely person - and this really comes across in her blog.  I think, for the most part, you can really get to know what a person is like through their blog - yes there's the obvious things like 'what makeup they like, and don't like', but through how the write, you can see if they're a moaning minnie, a chatterbox (like me), or just a sweet person - a lot of this can be seen in how someone responds to comments.

She's a creative person which I can really relate to, what with having a background in design/art/illustration etc.  As for her blog - it's pretty and simple.  I love the roses around the edges, and the cutesy top shop style nail varnish as a logo.

She writes great reviews, usually giving a negative as well as an array of positives.  I think if we're all honest with ourselves, we can all find a negative in a product, even something we really love and I really admire someone who is comfortable to admit to an items flaws.  In blogging word it can be hard to do, lets face it, we're all trying to attract PR's, because we already spend a metric tonne of money on makeup, so having the odd thing sent to us to review would be a nice change, and I think it's fair to say we're all a bit nervous about totally trashing an item, but I think most of us would, should it really warrent it.  Anyway, turning into a chatterbox again!

Ultimately, I love the blog - the style, and the writing - it's a great package :)  Ladies (and gents?)  I give you, Talbs.

Pixi3 out

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  1. Thank you so much - it's lovely to hear feedback like this :) xx


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