Monday, 27 August 2012

Monday Blogger Loves

Hello and happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone!  I loooove bank holidays, it's so nice staying up on the Sunday night, that's my fav, I even had an extra cup of tea last night - I know, hardcore! :D  

Anyway, it's that time of the week again for my Monday Blogger Loves, and this week my friends, it features the lovely Sharna at My beauty and fashion fix.

I started following her when she launched her 300 follower giveaway (which I think still has a day or two left on it).  With Sharna, it's the little things I like, the attention to detail on her blog.  So things like putting a nice border on her pics on the blog - if she's not using CSS, she's probably using something like picmonkey, which can be a tedious task.  I like the design of her blog, it's simple, elegant and feminine without being overly girly.  Something I try for, and fail miserably!  You'd think as I'm a designer I could do better :p  

She writes a really nice variety of posts too, lots of life blog posts too which I love as most of the bloggers I follow are mostly makeup - again, I'd like to do more life blog posts, but I can never think what to write them on :p  It's amazing to see how well she's done, to think only 3-4 weeks ago she was at 300 followers, and now she's well over 500, amazing and very well deserved :)  Theres one other thing... a thing that meant I'd instantly love her blog... polka dot background!  That's something I can relate to :)  Nice one Sharna, I love your blog, keep up the good work, and congratulations on how well it's doing :)

Pixi3 out

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