Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tutorial - everyday look

Hey everyone!  So, what I have spent 4 hours doing today I hear you ask?  Doing a tutorial for you lovely people :D  This is my every day look and it generally takes me about 20-30 mins each morning - of course I do change up the colours, but this is the entire routine, as opposed to just the eye shadow look - I'll be doing more of these, but just the eyeshadow look.  For now, enjoy the full routine :D

Oh and I'm not naked in these pics, I have a vest top on :)  Step by step guide under each pic :)

So - here's a quick summary of each step (there will be one under each pic)  :)
Step 1 - Get all your makeup together that you're going to use and moisturise
Step 2 - For this I use Ginvera BB Cream - dot it on the face
Step 3 - apply it on your face concentrating on the front/middle and working outwards.
Step 4 - Put your primer on your lids (I use UD primer potion) - then wait for it to dry :)
Step 5 - Dot your concealer under the eyes and on troubled areas and blend

Step 6 - Eyebrows - for this I use the Chanel eyebrow palette in Brun and apply evenly
Step 7 - Take shade 4 from the MUA Undressed palette and apply over the lid up to the top of the crease
Step 8 - Take shade 8, press it onto the outer half of the lid up to the crease and blend
Step 9 - Take a small shader brush and on the end dip shade 11, apply it to the outer corner and into the crease and blend
Step 10 - Blend, blend, blend!!!

Step 11 - Take a fluffy blending brush and blend the edges to get rid of harsh lines
Step 12 - Take your Kohl eyeliner and apply to your waterline
Step 13 - Take a clean fluffy brush, for this I use the shimmery colour from my Chanel Eclosion quad and apply to the brow bone.
Step 14 - Using a liquid eyeliner (I used a Chanel one), start in the centre of your eye and work out, winging it at the edge.
Step 15 - Take any light shimmery colour and apply under the eye and along under the wing
Step 16 - blend that all in

Step 17 - Grab your bronzer, I used the MUA Bronzed Perfection - and contour with it down the hollows of the cheek and the temples
Step 18 - Take your blusher, I used the rose gold blush in the Sleek trio and apply to the apples of the cheeks and put some mascara on (I'm wearing Covergirl Lash blast)
Step 19 - Job done :)

EDIT: As requested a full face pic :)

Well guys - this was my first blog tutorial - I hope you liked it and could follow it ok?  I'd love some feedback on how you found this, any comments would be great :)  I have another tutorial lined up, they'll probably mostly be just eyeshadow after this, since now you know what I do every day :)

Pixi3 out


  1. Great tutorial, but I would have liked to have seen a full face photo at the end. Very easy to follow though.

    1. Hey :) Do you mean full size like the others? As opposed to the full face that's on the 3x3 square? I could probably add one :)

  2. I've been wanting to try the Undressed palette for ages, but it's never been in stock :/ Great tutorial! ♥

    1. Thanks :) You should order it online instead - I think they still have an offer on (25% off and free delivery) :)

  3. This is an awesome tutorial. Your everyday look is beautiful! I love the eye look especially! xx

  4. I love how you managed to edit it like this! :)
    So good! Loving the eyeshadow too! :) xx


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