Monday, 24 September 2012

Accessorize Lipstick

Hey guys!

I've seen that Accessorize have branched out into makeup for a while now but I've been a bit hesitant to try it because... well... I'll be honest, as much as I really love their jewellery, stunning designs, I find them to be a bit overpriced for the quality... there, I said it!  And I was worried the makeup would be the same :(  However, if I'm right (this is just me guessing and putting two and two together, perhaps to make 11) then I think the people that make Accessorize makeup, might also be the people who make MUA and lets face it, I rave about MUA - so here goes :)  Pics and review at the bottom :)

Accessorize lipsticks can be bought in Superdrug for just under £5*

My Thoughts

Matt lipsticks are really on trend right now, I also think they're more versatile.  They work great with lip pencils (same sort of consistency), adding gloss really changes the look and just by itself, it looks great too.  The only downside with these is that they aren't hydrating at all, so it's either the look you're going for, or you need to add a gloss/balm over the top.  Or like a lot of other people do, they start with a balm - personally I can't do that, the lipstick bleeds if I do that and trust me, that isn't a good look!

Ok, on to the product.  First impressions, I love the packaging!  Super pretty, I love that they've done something different, I can really get on board with that.  When you see their stand in Superdrug, it's hard not to be drawn to it because of how pretty all the products are :)

The colour I have is Shade 2 - Love Sick.  It's a beautiful blush colour and doesn't seem quite as dark when it's on your lips as it is in the packaging.  That might be because of my colouring and lip colour, and isn't a slant on the product - it's very highly pigmented - a great colour :)  It lasts well, of course if you add a gloss over the top it won't last as long, same as any lipstick :)

What I'm not so keen on is the extra 'pot' of product you get with it.  The pot is on the lid, which is strange, it feels like it should be the bottom, so I keep pulling the wrong end off, then the pot comes with it... I think the packet would look much more pretty without it, it just doesn't need it.  Also, it's not very hydrating, but it's a matt lipstick and none of them are, so I don't hold it against it :)  It's a beautiful product and isn't expensive.  In my opinion, the packaging alone is worth it :)  I really like it and it's becoming my go-to lipstick :) I've just realised how much I've rambled on about something I didn't think I had much to say about :p

What do you think of Accessorize makeup?  What's your favourite bit of their packaging?



  1. color is looking dark in tube but on your lips its look very lush...i am loving floral packaging..

  2. It's a lot lighter on the lip than it looks in the bullet! Lovely shade xo

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  4. I love the packaging! Great colour too x

  5. Followed :) love the post, that lip colours so nice

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