Sunday, 2 September 2012

August Favourites

Hey guys, so here we are at the beginning of September, can you believe it's only 3 months until Christmas?  On that note, expect to see some more Xmas themed craft posts from me ;)  So, on with the show!  Here's my August Favourites :)

Inglot Quad

I love this quad - one of the things I love about Inglot is the way you can pick the colours that go into the quad, so you'll never have any duds in it, every colour will be one you love :)  The quality is fantastic, great pigmentation and colour payoff, I love this and I've really been enjoying using it :)  I think I'll be using it even more in September as we progress into Autumn :)

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

This is amazing!  It covers really well, and lasts!  This has appeared on my blog a lot of times because it's so good.  And you know me, if it's rubbish, i'll tell ya!

Chanel Ecuterie Liquid Eyeliner

If you've read my blog for any length of time or watched my YouTube videos, you'll know this one crops up all the time :)  I love Chanel liners, specifically this one because it stays put it doesn't melt, and it's super jet black.  I've never found another as good - I continue my quest, but I'm not sure I'll ever find one :p

Sleek Blush and Contour trio

So this is a newer favourite, I love the bronzer, it's not too soft, and it's a nice light colour, so works really well on fair skin to contour.  The highlight is super pretty, as is the rose gold blush :)

Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

My super favourite mascara - I love the wand, how well it lasts, the wonderful lashes it gives me, the volume and length :)  It's great, and you can get it on ebay for around £6.99 if you live in the UK :)

Chanel blusher in Orchid Rose

I think this has consistently been my favourite blusher for years now.  I bought this Chanel blush like, 3-4 years ago, and up until about 6 months ago I used it every day, and look how much is left!!!  It gives the most beautiful glow and looks about as natural as it can be, without being actually natural.  Given how long this has lasted, I've definitely had my moneys worth out of it :)

Chanel Eclosion Quad

I absolutely love this quad - the sparkly colour on the top right is great for just under the brows as a highlight, super pretty :)  The other colours give an enhanced natural look - of course, you could just put the burgundy all over the lid to be more dramatic, I tend to use that colour for the crease and outer V, but however you want to do it :)  And don't forget, as with all Chanel eyeshadows, you can use them wet for more effect and drama :)

Givenchy lipstick in 555 Rose Shine

I've had this a while well, a few years :p  I should probably get rid of it, but it's so pretty, it still feels good and smells nice :)  If it was eye shadow or liner etc I'd have binned it a long time ago :)  I love this colour, I love that you can still wear it with dramatic eyes, or gentle eyes :)

Lacoste for Women

This perfume has long been a favourite of mine, it's the prettiest scent, sweet with a hint of floral.  It's my signature scent and the one I reach for day to day :)  For a year or so I'd struggled to find it anywhere, but it seems to be everywhere again, yay!  So I picked up a new bottle of it :)

So they're my August favourites - hope you liked them - were any of these in your favourites list?

Pixi3 out


  1. so amazing... its mean you enjoyed your august so much... nice pick girl!!!!

  2. Great favourites1 I have heard such good things about the Covergirl Lash Blast -- I am dying to try it! x

    1. Yeah it's awesome mascara :) Ebay is where you wanna go for that :)

  3. ahh I so want to try out inglot products!! x

    1. Lydia - they're so good! I want another one :p

  4. Such lovely products! :)
    the chanel quad looks amazing! xx

    1. I'm wearing it today :) It's stunning, but would you expect any less from Chanel :)

  5. The lashblast mascara is sooo good! It was on my July faves!
    Another Inglot brow products i've been loving is the full metal eyebrow pencil! It comes with a brow brush on one side :)


    1. Oooh that sounds good! I wish there was an Inglot near me, but there isn't one in Wales :S

  6. I have seen so many people loving the Collection concealer, I must try it out!

    Found you on the BBU blog hop, now following via GFC :-)

  7. I was wanting to order an Inglot palette since I don't have one close to me. Could you tell me what the numbers are on your eye shadows?


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