Thursday, 6 September 2012

Collection blush and highlight cream duo

Hey guys, another post for you today, yay!  So, I picked this up at Superdrug the other day and I have to say I really love it :)  

I'm very hit and miss with cream blushers because I find that they either take off the foundation underneath and add no pigmentation or they're too pigmented and dark and just look silly on me.  Aaaanyway, on with the pics and my thoughts below :)

Collection blush and highlight in Peaches and Cream

My Thoughts

I really like this - Collection have done themselves proud once again :)  You can see the difference between when you've just put it on and blended it.  Now, bear in mind that the blended swatch above is without foundation underneath - it blends even better then - that above swatch was also using a lot of product :)  The highlight is very natural and subtle once blended and looks really pretty :)  Superdrug is selling this for around £2.50 right now as an introductory offer, not sure how long that's for, but if you want to try it I'd grab it now before it's gone or more expensive :) 

What's your favourite cream blush?

Pixi3 out


  1. Ooh this looks interesting :) I will keep a look out for this. Great price too!
    Gem x

  2. It looks lovely. I hope it's in stock in my local superdrug. xo

    1. Thanks Sandra :) They still had it in stock in my local superdrug today :)

  3. I really love the look of this, May have to pick it up at the weekend! xx

  4. Ooh will have to check this out! Hope they do a good shade range :-) x

  5. This looks amazing, can't get used to the fact they got rid of the 2000 though x


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