Thursday, 27 September 2012

FashionistA Brow Kit

Hey lovelies :)  So, a couple of new brow kits have hit the shelves recently (FashionistA and MUA), I have the FashionistA one - here's my thoughts :D

FashionistA Brow Kit £7* in Superdrug

My Thoughts

First impressions are it's a lovely little kit.  Good mirror, brush and tweezers.  For the photo you can see above, I used the little angled brush to apply the darkest brown to my brows.  Now, bear in mind, I have dyed black hair, so I tend to need to have a very dark brown on my brows for them to look more... normal.  That's my main disappointment with this kit, there isn't a brown dark enough for my hair colour.  The darkest brown in the palette is nearly passable for me, but I feel it does need to be darker.  So I'm afraid I'll be sticking with my Chanel brow palette purely because of the colour.  However, there's also a lot to be said for this kit.

A little goes a long way - if you pick up a little bit of product on the brush, it can do nearly the whole brow.  You also get gel in the palette for shaping and definition.  The tweezers... well... they didn't so much 'pluck' my eyebrows as chop them where they gripped (very sharp!).  I love the little compact and the packaging and if I had slightly ligher hair, this would be perfect!  

Do you have dark hair and have the same problem as me?



  1. I have black hair & i just use MUA eyeshadow- their singular ones work well enough for me :) xx

  2. I've really wanted to try a brow kit but i'm clueless which brand to go for, this ones quite affordable though and it looks like it does the job :)

    I'm a new follower by the way, i just wanted to say hello,

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