Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fashionista Double Collection Mascara

Hey guys!  Today's post is on FashionistA's Double Collection mascara.  Here's some pics, and a review at the bottom :)  Super excited, never tried anything like this before :)  

FashionistA Double Collection Mascara £8.00*

My Thoughts

As I said before, I've never tried anything funky like this before so I was a bit apprehensive.  I have fairly long eyelashes anyway so lengthening isn't something I would naturally go for, I'd tend to go for volume but the problem with them is that they often clump your lashes, which trust me, isn't a good look!

I like the 2 step system, it's definitely made for some pretty sweet lashes :)  The white lengthening mascara part is really easy to apply and it dries quite quickly.  The black top coat applies just as easily, neither have a strong scent (unlike the covergirl lash blast).  My lashes didn't stick together and they were definitely longer, yay :)  All in all I really liked it, it's something I would recommend to a friend, the only negatives were that it took a while to coat all the white, and the brushes weren't the best, they didn't grip my lashes amazingly, but they weren't terrible, certainly not enough to put me off, and I'd be inclined to either reach for another mascara if you're in a rush, or just use the step 2 part (the black end) if you're in a hurry :)  I'm looking forward to using it more as it makes for a nice dramatic look (which you all know I like for the eyes)  :)

UPDATE:  I've used it a lot more now and I'm definitely getting quicker with it.  The black end works well by itself but for the full effect I'd always say to use it properly with the full process :)

Pixi3 out



  1. This mascara looks great on you, it sadly was horrific on mine and all the other reviews. Really does look good!

    Lucy x

    1. I'm surprised to see and hear so many negative reviews... I found it to be really good :p The proof is in the pics :p


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