Thursday, 13 September 2012

Feature: Hairstyles to match your face shape

Hi guys, today I have a guest post for you :)  Just to clarify this isn't sponsored, I haven't received anything for adding this to my blog, I'm just nice like that :p  Enjoy!

Find The Perfect Hairstyle To Match Your Face Shape

Flicking through a hairstyle magazine is enough to make you want to book your next hairdressing appointment. However, impulsive trips to your closest hair salon, might feel exciting at the time, but can leave you with an unflattering haircut you wish you’d never had. Hairstyles are a bit like dresses; that gorgeous bob may look fantastic on a model, but it won’t necessarily do you any favours. Knowing the shape of your face is the first step towards showing it off at its best. Before we explore which hairstyles would be perfect for your face, let’s find out what your shape is:

Oval Face

Definition: your face is roughly 1.5 times the width, creating a smooth, oval outline.

To be honest, if you have an oval-shaped face, you’ve lucked out. Most hairstyles look good on you, so you can’t really put a foot wrong. Take advantage of the sleek, centre-parted, straight hair style which is so hard for any other face shape to pull off. Stay away from short layers as they can make your face look long.

Round Face

Definition: your face doesn’t have any striking angles and is roughly as wide as it is long.

Long hair or shoulder-length hair is perfect for round faces. Unfortunately, short hair doesn’t work for you in general, so veer away from those pixie cuts. Create lots of volume and layers to frame your face. A blunt fringe or a side-sweep will help break-up and give structure to the roundness of your face. High, piled-up dos narrow out your face shape too, so slim down your cheeks with hair and beauty supplies.

Square Face

Definition: nearly as wide as it is long, but with square-like angles.

A swept-back front and high-volume, large waves softens the angles of your face and balances out the width for a softer look. Section off your hair and wind a strand around a curling wand, then run the iron through your hair for spectacular waves. Square faces also look great with choppy layers flicked out with hair product and a fringe to counteract the angular forehead. Do not drag your hair back into unflattering up-dos.

Heart-Shaped Face

Definition: narrow jaw with wide cheekbones or forehead.

Choppy layers in a nice, thick, long bob add extra lift where your face needs it. Also, a fringe has a softening effect on your face, so whether they are eyebrow-length or swept across your face, choose bangs to reduce length. Generally, heart-shaped faces can support many hairstyles, but you’re not as versatile as the oval face, so know your strengths.

Long Face

Definition: your face is longer than it is wide.

Why the long face? We have just the hairstyle for you. Don’t go for long hair as it can extend your face further. If you must wear your hair long, get layers that reach your cheekbones and curve around your chin. Add some waves to create the illusion of width to your face shape. 


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