Wednesday, 26 September 2012

No-buy October

Hey guys!

So, I'm super broke right now so I'm making October no-buy month!  I can't foresee needing anything (other than maybe conditioner etc - but that I'm allowing as it's a necessity), if I run out of my Chanel eyeliner I'll... well, it'll be tough, but I'll just have to use my others (maybelline, l'oreal, mua etc).  So on the back of that, other than whatever turns up in my SheSaid beauty box I won't be having anything new to review, so I'll need to be creative.

I have a few ideas of bits and bobs I'd like to do, but I'd also like your input :)  What would you like to see?  Any requests, TAG's etc?  Specifics would be good, like... what's in my bag, purple eyeshadow, how to change your blog background etc etc :)  Lifestyle posts, whatever!  So tell me what you want to see, and I'll get to work on making it all happen :)



  1. It's got to be a ''what's in my bag''! I love them because I'm a nosy parker at heart lol!

  2. I hope you do well on trying not to spend in October! Especially as its 31 long days ;) who knows what you could buy haha!
    I'd love to see you carrying on with your Top5's! Liked seeing those! :) xx


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