Monday, 10 September 2012

Products I regret buying

Helloooo.  So, going back to about November 2011 when I launched my YouTube channel, one of my first videos was 'Products I regret buying', it was and still is, a bad video, however since then I've tried a LOT of other makeup, and have some new products I regret buying.  Now, I didn't want this to be a massively long and hateful post, so I just picked the top 5, here they are :)

The Products

So this isn't against all colour tattoo's, but just this colour, this one beautiful colour.  I love it, the colour that is, but it's the most awful product.  Within a couple of hours of applying it, it's smudged and shifted to a fair bit under my eyes, trust me it's not a good look.  The other tattoo's are great, and the gold one 'Eternal Gold' I don't have a problem with, it's just this one.  I do find that with eye shadows of this blue they crease like crazy on me - maybe it's the nature of the pigment?


So this is Top Shop's Lip and Cheek stain in bitten berry.  If you've seen my youtube video on it you'll know it's not the most appropriate item for a cheek stain.  It comes out like blood!  It's super dark and stains your finger massively.  Maybe I'm just too old to pull this off?  But it's far too bright for me, I not likey likey :(  One positive though, it's got great colour payoff :)


You may have seen in previous reviews my feelings on this.  I really don't like it, I know a lot of people love it, but me?  Nah.  I find that it gives me zero coverage, and makes my face really oily, not something you want when you already have oily skin.  I know it's only £6, but I still expect it to give me some basic coverage, which I just don't get.  Not only won't I be re-purchasing this, but I won't be finishing it either.


This is my most expensive product I regret buying, I believe it was around the £20, but I could be wrong, I bought it years and years ago and it's barely used.  It's supposed to give a nice brightness to your skin, but honestly?  I can't tell if I've used it or not, so what's the point?  I have a bit of a thing with Benefit too, I find the girls on their counters to be really pushy, until it's time for you to come in for a scheduled makeover, then you get ignored while they try and sell stuff to other customers (yep, that happened to me, ignored for over 30 mins).  I'd never buy it again, and don't see me finishing it, ever.


I did a recent blog post about this, so it'll probably be no surprise to you that it's in here, but I just don't like this item.  It doesn't set on my skin, it stays fluid and doesn't really give me any coverage.  And for what it is, it was quite expensive, it was about £10.99, for about £1 more I could have bought Revlon ColourStay, which is far superior (so I've heard) - so I won't be using any more of this :S

Have you had any similar problems to these with these items?

Pixi3 out

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  1. I have been pondering on whether to buy the beautiful colours of the 24 hour colour tattoo...I'm so weary...I may just try the gold for now ><

    loving this post :)



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