Friday, 28 September 2012

September Blogger Loves

Hey guys!  How is everyone?

If you recall, I previously had a series called Monday Blogger Loves which I decided to change and make it a monthly event.  This is kinda like the monthly favourites we all do, but focussed on bloggers, so which blogs I've read the most and enjoyed over the month.  You may find that some of the same bloggers will appear more than once (featuring in several months), but that just means I really really enjoy their blog ;)  So without further ado I give you the lovely blogs I've been enjoying :)

What I look for in a blog

For me the first thing is how the blog looks, as it's my first impression.  So I like to see something other than a standard unchanged blogger template.  Decent photo's and of a 'larger' size - but the size isn't a deal breaker.  Not too much clutter on the blog, the posts need to be the bit that stands out the most.  I generally don't like having to click to read the rest of the post either - it's just another barrier to someone actually reading the post, not a fan of that.  The writing style has to be warm, friendly, with a lot of personality and be professional :)

Pampered Prince

This one I only discovered recently, so I haven't been reading his blog for the whole of Sept, but I have been checking it every day since I discovered it :)  Pampered Prince is a male beauty blogger (we need more of these!) focussed on male skincare.  He's got a friendly and professional writing style and writes great reviews - you should go check him out :)

A Day in the life of a Scottish Lass

This girl is amazing, she's the sweetest, loveliest person and is really new to blogging.  She's already amassed over 70 followers and this is only the second month she's been blogging, awesome.  Clearly she's doing something right!

Natalie Roseanne's Nail and Beauty blog

I've featured Natalie in a Monday Blogger Love before, but I wanted to give her another mention - for one, she's awesome, and if you love nails, you need to check her out!  She does loads and loads of different nail looks and lots of beauty posts too :)

Lady Million

I found her blog when I was looking for tutorials on how to create social sharing buttons, she's created a great series on how to do this, and customise your blog without having to pay someone to do it.  Great stuff!  She's a great blogger, with a beautiful blog (no surprise!).

Who's been your blogging favourites this last month?



  1. Oh my goodness, you are the BEST! Thank you so much for the shoutout, and I hope your Friday has been wonderful so far :) TGIF! x x

    1. You're welcome lovely :) Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Hello Miss Pixi3, thanks for this lovely post, its really appreciated. And thanks for providing some other great reads for me to have a look at xxx


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