Sunday, 23 September 2012

Shop the Stash - halfway

Hey guys!  Very quick update for you - as you know, last week I decided to do 'Shop the Stash' until the end of September, so here's a quick update for you :) Initial post is here.

Here's a reminder of what I shopped!

Over the last week, out of the selection above, I've been mostly using the Fashionista custom palette, the Maybelline One by One mascara, the Maybelline colour tattoos and quad and that's about it.  I haven't been as adventurous as I thought I would have been with eyeshadows and looks, but, I have been very adventurous with lipstick!  Just as I vowed I would :)  Here's some pics of the looks I created over this last week :)

I didn't take pictures every day, as you can imagine, in the morning's I'm often in a rush to get to work, as I'm terrible at getting out of bed in the morning, hate it!  This week, I'm going to try and embrase matte eyeshadows and experiment with lighter lipstick - but make sure I'm wearing some every day :)  

I'm debating whether to buy the Maybelline Fit Me foundation/powder etc - I've been dying for it to come out over here, but I'm super skint... I think, this week Superdrug are going to have it on offer too, so I might have to pop in... hmm... we'll see - I'll keep you posted :)



  1. Woah, I'm loving the new blog layout! :)
    & this look is lovely, super wearable! :) xx

  2. waww wanna get it all >.<

  3. the maybeline lip gloss is one of my faves is that the coraliscious?

  4. ooh that maybelline tint lip colour looks amaze!

  5. hey Georgia! I love the new design :) xx

  6. I really like that bunting bracelet :) xo


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