Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mascara Series - MUA Every Lash

Hello lovely people :)  How are you all on this lovely autumn day?  So today is day 4 of my Mascara Series and I'm reviewing MUA's apple scented(?) Every Lash mascara.  So if you want to see what I thought, keep reading :)

Available on the MUA online store for £3

They say "‘Every Lash’ is just £3 and it smells of apple!! Yummy! It adds glamour, length and volume to your eyelashes. ‘Every lash’ is available in three shades – Black, Black/Brown and waterproof. This is the perfect mascara to add length with the first application and glamorous volume with the second. And by using the waterproof shade we guarantee you long lasting full lashes without smearing."

My Thoughts

First of all, as for the smell of apple, it's only just noticable, and... why?  I don't generally go around smelling other peoples lashes, and lets be honest, we can't exactly smell our own... 

Anyway, on to the review.  I don't like it.  One coat isn't noticeable at all, two coats, a little, three coats and it looks like I have one coat on... I'm afraid this is one of those MUA products that you really do get what you pay for with.  It's £3, but I'd rather put that towards Maybellines the Falsies or MeMeMe's Fat Cat mascara... You know I'm a fan of MUA's products, but they can't get it right every time, and this time, they didn't.  I've tried a couple of their mascaras, and I'll be honest, I haven't liked any of them yet.  Hopefully they'll bring out one I like at some point, but at the moment I wouldn't recommend them.

I give this mascara 1/5

Have you tried this yet?  What did you think of it and the scent?


  1. Disapointing! I have steered clear of this mascara due to reviews saying it smells of apple! Why would I want to put that near my eye? Haha x

    1. I know... the wand looks promising, but in reality, it's no good :S

  2. this is such a shame! compared to some of their other products this is such a let down! xx

  3. I had the waterproof one of this which was amazing, but I don't like waterproof mascara. I decided to purchase the normal one and it just wasn't as good :( x

  4. I agree, I can't stop raving about some MUA products, but their mascara definitely lets them down!




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