Tuesday, 2 October 2012

MeMeMe Dew Pot

Hello lovelies :)  I have a lovely post for you today, I say lovely, because I really like the product, and I love the name, it sounds so sweet don't you think?

So ladies (and gents?) I give you, the MeMeMe Dew Pots.

Very cute packaging!  I really like the MeMeMe branding... I can't quite put my finger on whether to consider them 'high street'... their quality, design and price puts them at the top end of high street (or drugstore depending on where you're reading this).

Their Thoughts

So, here's what they claim:  "High performance, ultra long-stay rich colour eye defining cream in 8 opulent shades to add an on-trend splash of colour to your look this season. Use alone for colour blocking or blend multiple shades together for ultimate impact"

My Thoughts

I really really like it :)  I was a bit apprehensive first of all as it's very soft, but it sets really well so I was pleasantly surprised.  It's a really pretty colour, I think I picked the right one (Willow Whisper).  As for how well it lasts, if I put a matching powder over the top I can get a good 5-8 hours out of it which is pretty decent.  It has a lovely shimmer to it and on the back of this one being so nice, I'm tempted to try some of the others like Coral Blossom and Woodland Truffle - they sound yummy!

As for negatives, the only real negative I have is the size of the pot.  It's not the lack of product, but the ability to get product out of there easily.  If you have long nails you won't be able to delve it out with your finger, which I think is how a lot of people use creme shadows.  So really you need to use a brush with this, which isn't the end of the world, just means you need to clean your brush straight afterwards :)  It's £7.25 too - compare that to the Maybelline colour tattoos which have more product and are cheaper... nah I'd still buy a Dew pot - they're lovely, great packaging, good product :)



  1. I really like Me Me Me products, especieally the blushers. I'm going to add this to my list. :)


  2. That's such a lovely shade, i've never actually tried any of the products! xx

  3. This sounds lovely, but I really detest pots that don't get along with my nails! Big bug bear of mine! x


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