Sunday, 7 October 2012

No-buy October Week 1

Hey guys, I thought I'd do a little summary of how No-Buy October is going.

Well, it's not been without it's challenges.  Last night my straighteners died :(  And since it's no buy October (and I simply can't afford it), I'll be having frizzy hair until I can afford another set.  It's not going to be easy as I used these around 5 times a week... :(

As for makeup, I haven't bought any :)  I haven't really had the urge too either.  To be honest, I look at my makeup collection at the moment and feel almost embarrassed, I definitely have too much stuff (the curse of most beauty bloggers)... so when I visited my friend last night, I took her a little bag of makeup to cheer her up :) She seemed really happy with it and it certainly made me feel good to get rid of some of it :)

All in all it's been a smooth first week.  Makeup wise I've been rocking a very simple look (mostly because I haven't been getting up in time to spend the gazillion hours on my eyes I usually do!  I've been focussed on my signature eyeliner, 1 light shade of eyeshadow (like Chanel Fauve for example) and blusher (foundation of course).  I'm hoping to have more time next week if I can get to bed earlier, but where's the fun in that :p

Here's a couple of pics from my week too :)

The many faces of my next youtube video... I say 'next'... I'm still not sure if I should upload it :S

Matilda standing on the box of stuff we're donating to charity looking all cute!

We went over to our friends house last night, I had great fun doing really dark eye shadow using my new Chanel single eye shadow, it's sooooo sparkly!  It'll be great applied wet during the xmas/new year season as it's so pretty and shiny!

So that's kinda how my week has been and filled with a no-buy.  The worst bit is my straighteners breaking... it feels like everything at the moment is money money money... first by us needing to go away for a few days, then our car needing £600 spending on it, now my straighteners... always something I know :)  Ah well, we can't let these things get us down, it's just stuff after all :)


  1. Great post! I'm on a spending ban at the moment too! It's important to just remember what your goal is and why your on a spending ban, mines basically because I'm a shopoholic! Good luck with the ban, I'm sure you'll do fine! You look gorg in your pic! :)
    Hope you're doing ok by the way!! The blog layout looks soooo pretty!

    Sharna xo :)

    1. Aww thanks sweetie :) We can give each other support :) I'm good thanks oh and glad you like the new blog design :) How are you?

  2. Loved reading this post. So typical that your straighteners would break during your spending ban! :(

    Alex xo

  3. That eye make up look is gorgeous!

  4. Just think how much better your hair will be with no heat tho!

    1. Thanks :) Well you'd think my hair would be better off for it, but I'll be blow drying it :p And since my straighteners are dead, I might start curling instead :p

  5. I really need to take a leaf out of your book with the no spending ban don't I.. I feel for you re the straighteners but your hair will be better for it by the time you buy your new ones . xx

  6. Straighteners breaking is the worse thing ever, so expensive to replace.
    Love the stills from the video haha x

  7. You're doing well so far!
    Just typical your straighteners broke now though! But at least your hair would be free from damage for a month or so! :) xx

  8. How annoying about your hair straighteners! Everything happens all at once doesn't it?! Good luck with the rest of the ban!xx


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