Sunday, 14 October 2012

No-buy October Week 2 Sumary

Hey guys!  So week 2 of No-Buy October is now over, so officially half way through :)

How's this week been I hear you ask?  Well, not too bad.  Other than having eternally frizzy hair it's been ok :)

My week has been filled with being very busy at work, eating lots of vegetables, and cuddling my cat :)  She's taken to sleeping on my chest while I'm trying to go to sleep, it's really very cute, I get to be purred to sleep, there's really no sound quite like it ;)  Luckily at the moment there aren't many makeup releases that I'm eager for, the only purchase I foresee me needing to make in the next couple/few weeks is my Chanel liquid eyeliner as I think that's getting close to the end.  If it goes during October, I have others I can use, but none are as good...

I did use a facemask this weekend too, it's the one that came in this months She Said beauty box, it was the Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal.  The sample in the box was tiny, just enough for 1 use, which is a shame.  It did smell nice, and was exfoliating, but you can't really gain an opinion of something from just using it once...

One thing I've found really hard not to buy this week is magazines with freebies, I'm missing out on all the free benefit tints!  Gutted... like, really gutted... but a no-buy is a no-buy and lets face it, it's not like I need any more makeup :p  Would have just liked to try the different ones out yanno?

Anyway, wish me luck for week 3 <3



  1. I agree, theres not much out there that I really want either. Let's hope it stays like that so I can save up for xmas & you can succeed with the no-buy october! xx

    1. I'm pretty confident I can succeed :D Thanks for the comment tho ;)

  2. Wow good luck with this, it must be difficult!
    I've just discovered your blog through bblogers chat and I'm now following, I've also entered your lovely giveaway :)

    1. Thanks Georgina, good name ;) Yeah it's pretty hard but so far so good - I just gotta think, 2 weeks until pay day!



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