Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Feature: Top Key Fashion items for Winter

Hello all. It’s Chantele from Daisy Dayz blog here. Me and Georgina have done a little guest blog swap today, so you lovely ladies can read something a bit different. I’m bringing you my Top 5 Key Fashion Items for winter whilst Georgina’s post on my blog is her Top 5 Beauty Items for A/W12, so check that out too!

Winter fashion is all about layering and wrapping up warm and cozy against the cold weather. So here are my top 5 items to help keep you looking stylish this season and stop you feeling the chill!

1. A Great Warm Coat - Every girl needs a good coat for the winter months, it is the most important item in your whole wardrobe this time of year. This season coats are coming in the form of Trench coats, pea coats, 60’s swing jackets and lots of fur trimmings. The key is to find something that suits your style, that will last you for more than just one winter. I always go a size bigger for my winter coats so I can fit a nice jumper underneath. This two-tone trench from Next (£95) is one of my favourites this year.

Next £95

2. Cozy Jumpers - Winter is the season for cwtchy and novelty jumpers! They can be worn with absolutely anything and will always look cute! Layer with a collared shirt for a quirky edge. To keep on trend you have a few options - Novelty Christmas ones, chunky oversized cable knits, cute fitted sweaters or jumpers with motifs. Below is just 4 of the great ones I have found online.

Clockwise from top left ASOS £32, Sainsbury's £25, River Island £TBC, M&S £14

3. Leather Boots - Riding boots are massive this season you will find them everywhere. They are perfect for this unpredictable weather of ours, with rain one minute, snow and ice the next these will allow you to look stylish no matter what happens. Real Leather is great if you can afford it as they will last you for years to come, but there are lots of cheaper alternatives out there that will be just as good for the coming months. Here is a budget vs a break the bank pair I found on the high street, both of which are great.

Blue Inc £26.99 and Next £99

4. The Winter Dress - Just a nice simple, but warm dress. We tend to have lots of summer dresses but most women forget about dresses ones the winter hits. I actually find a long sleeve dress, tights and boots much warmer than a pair of trousers, plus it is more feminine. Look for dresses in wool or jersey as these will keep you warmest. I love this little Yumi one (£50) with flying ducks motif and peter pan collar

Yumi £50

5. Accessories - Ok so that’s not a single item, but I think it is key to have a good set of gloves, hats and scarves so we don’t end up freezing. They don’t have to match and you don’t have to wear all 3 but here are a few of my favs from the highstreet.

Hat - M&Co £15, Gloves M&Co £6
Scarf Pilot £15.99

So there you have it, 5 items you have to add to your closet. Whether you go high end, high street or charity shop these are items every girl should have for the winter. See you soon ladies!

Thanks to Chantelle for sharing those items with us, I love the grey Sainsburys jumper, might have to pick me up one of them :D



  1. Aww it looks lovely. I shall tweet it and et all now. Thanks!!!

  2. I love that coat! I've been looking for a nice one for ages! x

    1. Its really pretty isn't it! I really like the 2-tones part of it, means it'll go with lots of stuff!

  3. Love that coat. Looks far more expensive than it is from the pictures, and very flattering too.

    1. I think it would be really flattering too! Next coat are really reasonably priced considering how good the quality usually is on them!

  4. I love winter dresses - I'm not a trousers person, so I rely on some thick tights throughout the colder months! x

    1. Winter dresses are a great idea, they are so cute too!

  5. Thanks for sharing these winter key fashion items! I love winter dresses, especially wool and knitted ones; I just have a couple of those but I would love to add 1-2 more to my closet this winter. I think with some colorful accessories like the ones you suggested, I can survive winter happily!


    1. We could all do with adding a few more to our closet, lol!


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