Friday, 30 November 2012

Make Believe Bronzer

Hello lovelies!  It's Friiiiiidddaaaayyyy!!!  Whoop whoop!  What are you all up to this weekend?

So in my last She Said beauty box (you can watch my unboxing below) I was lucky enough to receive the Make Believe Bronzer (yes, I was very happy about that due to an incident involving ascetone free nail polish remover, and pretty much my entire bronzer collection).  So, I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a cheeky little post for you about it :)

Sexy packaging non?

Make Believe Bronzer £15 online for 6g

They say "Delicate, matte bronzer for the face and d├ęcolletage. For a natural-looking flawless, tanned complexion.

Sweep lightly over the face and d├ęcolletage. Sculpt cheekbones. Highlight eyes."

Yeah, I don't make it super obvious I'm wearing bronzer, I'm too pale for that, but I do contour with it (so temples, under cheekbones and hair line) - see how it doesn't make me orange :)

Here's my She Said Beauty unboxing where I discover the Make Believe bronzer hidden inside!

My Thoughts

I like it - it doesn't make me orange (as you can see), I love the little kabuki-style brush it comes with, great for contouring!  The product isn't too soft, so when you run the brush over it you don't pick up too much product (unlike the MUA giant bronzer- review here).  I really like their styling too - so their logo embossed onto the bronzer, their whole house style I really like, but I do almost feel like they're a tattoo parlour from the design as opposed to a fake tan company.  But that's really by the by.  My one gripe with this is the price, £15.  I feel like the product is the same quality as any of the high street bronzers I've tried (BarryM, MUA, Sleek) but costs 3 times the amount.  Is this because of the packaging (coming with a really decent brush?) who knows.  But it's that which would put me off re-purchasing.  It's a great product, lovely packaging, but for me, I wouldn't buy it again, if it was more like £8 I would, or, if you could buy a refill (otherwise you're going to build up quite a collection of those little brushes).  I just think there are other better value bronzers on the market you can buy, but hey, that won't stop me enjoying this one, I do really like it :)

Did you get one in your She Said beauty box?  Did you like yours?

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  1. I won this in a Twitter giveaway but haven't got round to trying it yet! I'm pale too and never used a bronzer before, so if this isn't orangey then that's good :-) xx


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