Tuesday, 13 November 2012

November Nail Polish Haul

Hello lovelies!  Happy Monday to you all!  I'll get to the nail part of the post in just a second, first of all I have a tip for you to help you brighten up your Monday morning.

A Case of the Mondays

Several months ago I was in work, knee deep in updating a load of reports on a Monday morning.  I put my headphones on to get on with it and while I was looking for an album to play, I saw the podcast app on my phone, so I went into it and on the first page was a podcast called This American Life. I started streaming it not really expecting much from it, then an hour later it was finishing and I wondered not only where Monday morning went, but I was gutted my podcast was over.  It's now become a bit of a Monday morning ritual for me, I get in, make a cup of coffee, sit down, put my headphones in and turn This American Life on (I listen to it on a Monday morning purely because it goes live on a Friday afternoon/evening here).  I won't tell you much about it - but I'll just give you a link to their website (they have all their archives on there) - you can find them here.  Let me know if you like it :)

Nail Polish Haul

Now, on to what you came here to read :)  So... a few days ago I was in Boots purchasing a lovely Too faced palette (review coming over the next week or so) and I wanted to pick up an Essie Bahama Mama too.  Much to my disappointment it was sold out (no surprise there!) but I did pick up a couple of other lovely shades and an impulse glitter top coat!  Then I bought two copies of Glamour magazine to get the 2 different Nails Inc shades, pics below :)

L-R Essie Recessionista, Collection Dazzled Love Jewel, Nails Inc Elizabeth Street, Nails Inc Motcomb Street, Essie Smokin hot.

My Thoughts

As you may know, I'm a big fan of Essie, I love them!  I love the amazing shades they come out with, I love the packaging, the price (affordable at £7.99), the great applicator, then last but not least, a fantastic product.  These two shades do not disappoint!  Recessionista is the perfect shade to marry with a dark lip, like Revlon's Black Cherry - a perfect on-trend combination.  Smokin' hot is a great autumnal day shade, if you team it up with a glitter top coat like Rimme's Disco Gold, it makes a great evening shade.

When I was having a play with the shades... I had a bit of an accident with Smokin Hot :S

As for the Nails Inc shades.  They're nice but... I wouldn't pay full price for them.  The fact I paid £2 for each of them was perfect.  I'm not joking, my MUA shades for £1 I prefer.  The dark colour a lot of people think is black, but it's a deep dark navy blue, but when you wear 2 coats, which you need so it's not streaky it looks black... the light colour is ridiculously light and quite sheer.  On the nail wheel I can't even see it, on white paper you can see it a little... but it does look lovely with Rimmel Disco Gold (that's my favourite glitter top coat in case you hadn't guessed!).

Finally the Collection Dazzled in Love Jewel, this is stunning - lots of different shaped bits of glitter and colours, with the main colour being centred around purple (my favourite colour!).  I can't comment on how hard this is to remove as when I used it, I only put it on one nail, and two days later I picked it allo off by hand :p  It's a beautiful colour and only costs £2.99 :)

Whats your favourite A/W12 nail shade?


  1. the "bedazzled" polish is gorgeous! love this post! xx

  2. All these polishes look so pretty, they all go quite nicely together. xxx


  3. Love the polishes you bought, especially the Essie ones! So on trend. My favourite A/W shade is a berry red Nails Inc one that came free with InStyle sometime last year I think. Love the berry colour trend this season :) xx


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