Sunday, 11 November 2012

Revlon Black Cherry

Hey Pixi3's!  How are you all this fabulous Sunday?  Now that we're well and truly into Autumn/Fall, I thought it would be a great time to review this stunning colour lipstick by Revlon that I picked up the other day.  It's the Revlon Black Cherry lipstick, a very on trend colour for A/W12.

They say "Infused with mega-moisturizers to seal in color and softness. Find your lip color amongst a dazzling array of 82 fabulous, fashionable shades!"

Top left swatch several swipes from bullet, bottom right just one swipe

On the lips

Here's two applications for you, the first is just applied with a lip brush making sure all the lips are fully covered.  Then in the second picture (as annotated), on top of already applying it with a brush, I applied it straight from the bullet for a deeper darker colour.  If my lips look a bit weird in the second picture, it's because my lips are slightly parted but you can't really tell :)  If only my lips were that full!

1 Coat applied with a lip brush.

Straight from the bullet, applied on top of the picture above.

My Thoughts

I discovered this lipstick from watching one of Fleur de Force's videos and thought it was stunning!  Then when I was heading to a fashion event a couple of weeks ago, I thought this would be the perfect, on trend colour to wear (since my clothes weren't that trendy).

The consistency is similar to that of a more matte shade, but still being quite creamy.  It's not the most hydrating lipstick, but it's not drying at all either.  It's massively pigmented and buildable (as you can see from the two pics above).  I really love this colour, and I'm glad I have black hair, it really helps to carry such a darkness.  But blondes do not fear!  I've seen Fleur de Force wear this shade and other dark shades in her videos and it looks stunning on her, so go give it a try :)

Negatives.  The only real negative I could find was that if you have any dry skin on your lips, and you apply it straight from the bullet, it does emphasise those areas, so make sure you've used your sugar scrubs etc on your lips before applying it if there is any dryness.  The other tip would be if you knew you were going to wear this shade say, on a Friday night, wear a good lip balm all day and hopefully any dryness there was will be gone by the evening, or certainly minimised.

You can pick this up in Superdrug and Boots (and I'm sure, many other places!) for about £7.49.  I think both Boots and Superdrug have offers on makeup on the leadup to Christmas too.  I know superdrug are doing 3 for 2, and I think Boots are doing 2nd item half price.

Have you been brave enough to try this shade yet?


  1. I always think I look a bit mental in dark lippy, I stick to nudes and pinks but I'm tempted to give it another go x

  2. that looks such an amazing colour, its always sold out in my local boots/superdrug! xx

    1. I got mine in Boots, but in one that's on an industrial estate / shopping estate thingy, not one millions of people go to :)

  3. What a gorgeous colour. I want this! x

    1. It's stunning, I literally wore it all day today :)

  4. Love this colour!! I Need this x

  5. This looks great on you. Sooo tempted to step out of my comfort zone and give it a go. Xx

    1. Thanks lovely :) You should, you really should :) If you apply it with a lip brush, it's really not that dark :)

  6. Such a pretty colour, really suits you, I wish I could wear a colour like this!!

    If you get any time spare, please come and visit my blog :)



  7. I'm in love with these dark red lipsticks right now, that one looks gorgeous on you! They're so perfect for A/W12 - i recently got the Mac matte lipstick in Diva which is a similar shade and have been wearing it everywhere :) xx

  8. I've been meaning to buy this lipstick for ages but I just haven't gotten around to it! It looks lovely! x

  9. I usually wear mauves and pinks but after seeing Jennifer Lawrence's new Hunger Games Catching Fire look on the red carpet, I'm going for it. I'm 54 but I'm going to be bold! She's wearing a Christian Dior shade but this looks just as pretty!


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