Thursday, 29 November 2012

Shiseido Lip Rouge Lacquer

Hands up who has an unhealthy obsession for lip  products? *holds hand high in the air* Yes I thought as much!  The funny thing is, it's also my least worn product, go figure eh!

Anyway, I digress!  Today is a review of the Shiseido Lip Lacquer in OR508 Blaze (a lovely burnt orange colour)  :)

Packaging for Shiseido lip rouge lacquer
Shiseido Lip Rouge Lacquer £23.00 6ml available in Boots

Applicator of Shiseido lip rouge lacquer

They say "Designed to fit lip contours perfectly, the slanted applicator ensures an easy application with a professional finish and clear outline plus the clever anti-bleed powders work with the product to control colour, allowing your look to remain flawless for the entire day."

Shiseido lip lacquer swatched on the back of my hand

hmm, can you tell I photographed this the same time as some of my other previous posts?  :)  The way to really tell, is my hair is up in those pics, my hair is rarely up!

My Thoughts

I really love the colour of this product, it's a stunning deep burnt orange colour with small amounts of sparkle added too.  It's easily blended to give a lighter effect, or applied thicker gives a much deeper darker look.  It lasts as well as any other high end (Chanel) lip lacquer I've used, which is a good couple of hours before needing a touch up.  It's such a lovely shade for Autumn too, it matches the colours of falling leaves :)  You can make it light enough to work with dark eye makeup too, or build it up for a look focussed on the lips.

Now the big question, would I buy it again... yes and no is the answer.  I probably wouldn't buy this shade again as I'm not sure it's perfect for my skin tone, but it is good to have a variety of shades in your collection for different looks/purposes.  Compared to the Chanel lip lacquer I have which is around the same price, I find the Chanel one much better quality, both the product and the packaging.  But that could be me being biased as you all know I love Chanel!

What's your favourite Shiseido product?

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  1. I have never used nor owned a Shiseido product .unfortunately


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