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Blogmas Day 10 - staying healthy during the festive season

Coming up to Christmas your skin takes a bit of a hammering.  We wear lots of makeup, to lots of parties, maybe come home a little worse for wear and don't take our makeup off before we go to bed.  So to keep your skin as perfect as possible during the holiday season for all those wonderful parties, follow my tips below for pristine skin :)

Keep hydrated

drink lots and lots of water!

Drink plenty of water - I know everyone says this, but it's true.  Drinking plenty of water isn't just good for you, but it's great for your skin.  If you're dehydrated it'll really show in your skin, so help stave off any fine lines by ensuring your skin is super hydrated with plenty of water.  As a side tip from that, I've been drinking a lot of Vita Coco water recently (coconut water), it's got natural electrolytes in it so you hydrate naturally, also it has loads of vitamins and goodness :)


n.b. probably better to use an actual cleanser, and not remove makeup with kittens

Remove your makeup with a proper cleanser.  I'll be honest, I used to be one of these people that would remove their makeup at night with a face wipe and that's it.  Not any more.  Now, I use a hot cloth cleanser (either Liz Earle or Superdrug Vitamin E).  It can be a massive pain but your skin will be so much better for it.  If you have lots and lots of parties planned for December, and think you might be a bit worse for wear and not in a fit state to take off your makeup when you get home, buy some makeup wipes and some Bioderma.  Make sure you use the bioderma after removing your makeup, but try to remove it with a proper cleanser first :)


use your favourite moisturiser every day

I moisturise my skin in the morning and the night, I try to use two different ones (a morning one and night one) but if you can't afford that, I'd highly recommend using the Nivea Pure and Natural moisturising day cream.  It's gotten rid of my acne thanks to the argan oil it contains, it's non-oily/greasy and absorbs really quickly and it's only just over £5, so very affordable.  I really notice a difference in my skin if I skip moisturising for a day or two, I get more fine lines and my skin just doesn't look as good.

Eat well

nom nom vegetable soup (meat is optional)

I'm sure most of you do anyway, and I know this time of year is fuelled with temptation, but on the days you're not eating out or with friends/family etc, try to eat lots of green vegetables, they're packed with goodness and keep you fuller for longer.  Try cooking up a big vegetable soup, adding a decent portion of vegetable boullion with it for extra flavour, not only is it affordable, it'll last you a couple of days too if you make a big batch :)

Vitamins & fruit

om nom nom fruit!

Taking a 1 a day vitamin is a great way to keep your body topped up with all the bits and bobs it needs, but if you're like me and struggle with the horrid taste of vitamins there are other options, like soluble orange vitamin C tablets, they can taste quite ok, or eat plenty of fruit!  Strawberries and Kiwi's both contain masses more vitamin C than oranges, did you know that?  And, in my opinion, they taste better too :)  Why not take it a step further and start the day with a fruit smoothie each day?  Just chuck your favourite fruit into a blender (to thicken consider adding half a banana) and 1/2 pt milk (or more if you wish).  To sweeten it either add the sweetener of your choice, or some honey :)

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  1. I'm always glad to be reminded of these things because I usually forget to drink water in winter and to have fruit! thanks for sharing x



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