Monday, 24 December 2012

Blogmas Day 24 - A-Z Blogger TAG

Hey guys, It's Christmas EVE!!!!!!  OMG I'm so excited, I cannot wait for tomorrow!  I thought I'd do a little lifestyle post for you, a bit of a 'get to know me' post.  I've seen this A-Z blogger tag going around and really enjoyed reading other peoples answers so thought I'd give it a go myself :)  Oh and if you're reading this, you're totally TAGGED to do it too :)

Age: 33

Bed Size: King Size - hubby is 6ft5 and needs a long bed :)

Chore you hate: Food shopping... I hate it so much

Dogs: I have a cat <3  (I don't like dogs - don't hate me!)

Essential start to the day: Makeup of course!

Favourite colour: Purple, I love love love it!

Gold or silver: Silver

Height: 5ft6

Instruments you play: None very well, I used to play Piano and recorder when I was younger though :)

Job title: Digital Marketing Assistant

Kids: Maybe, not right now though ;)

Live: Cardiff, Wales - lovely place!

Mother's name: Mary (which is also my middle name)

Nicknames: George, Georgie - that's it, just shorter versions of my name :P

Overnight hospital stays: First one when I was 1 for gastroenteritis for just 1 night, then when I was 16 for a sever asthma attack, I was in for a week!

Pet peeves: Bad manners, people who are inconsiderate of others, selfish people and loud people.

Quote from a movie: "Milk was a bad choice" Anchorman

Right or left-handed: Right.

Stores you love: Superdrug and Debenhams (and Boots!) all for makeup :)

Time you wake up: 7:15, well technically I wakeup at 6:30 and I get up at 7:15

Underwear: Yes I wear it!

Vegetable you hate: Swede and Parsnip, yuck!

What makes you run late: Taking too long to do my makeup in the morning/evening!

Xrays you've had: Several chest xrays for chest infections, several ankle xrays for sprained ankles and a wrist xray when we thought it was broken, but it wasn't :p

Yummy food you make: Five bean chilli, cherry tomato and black olive pasta, olive and feta tart... quite a few :)

Zoo animals: Penguins (they're so cute!), Tigers (stunning creatures) and monkeys (cute!)

This months big pixi3 advertiser is the lovely Anastasia from Fashion Ramble - be sure to head over to check out her beautiful blog <3


  1. Your job sounds really interesting. Have a nice xmas x

  2. I love things like this, find out a little more about the blogger!I love purple too :)

    Merry Christmas!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. I totally rocked the recorder back in the day too haha! Have a fab Christmas Hun xx

  4. I love this tag :P
    I might have to do it when im not bogged down with revision!




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