Thursday, 6 December 2012

Neve Cosmetics

Hello lovelies!  How are you all on this fine day?  Have you ever heard of Neve cosmetics?  They're a brand I've seen bouncing around people's blogs for a few weeks now, bloggers reviewing eye shadow palette's mostly - they're a brand that focusses on cruelty free and suitable for vegans, as well as a whole other host of claims (like non-comedogenic and formulated to reduce the risk of allergies and fragrance free).  I have in my paws, 2 blushers of theirs and 4 eye shadows all of which you can find a full review of below :)

The Blushers

Neve French Royalty Mineral Blushers* £10.50 for 4g (the pots above are sample size)

Left is Boudoir, Right is Noblesse

My Thoughts

I love the stark difference between the two of these shades - that's one thing that always gets me about some blush lines, how similar each blush is.  The blushers last very well throughout the day, without the need to reapply at all.  The pigmentation is fantastic, you really don't need to pick up much of the product to have a nice level of coverage.  What I'm not keen on with both of these, is the blue/purple shimmer that's in them.  You can just about make out a little bit of it on the bottom of the swatch, but it's really quite obvious when you see it in real life, especially when it's applied to the cheeks.  I don't mind blush with shimmer, but I prefer the shimmer to be gold if anything.  I think these would particularly suit someone much younger than me, due to the shimmer, but really speaking it's all about preference.  There's nothing wrong with these, I'm just not keen on purply shimmer on my cheeks :)

The Eye Shadows

Neve eyeshadows available on cutECOsmetics £6.50 each for 2g (the pots above are sample size)

L-R Versailles, Chateau, Collier, Sang Bleu.

My Thoughts

Personally I much prefer these to the blushers.  The blushers were great, I just couldn't get on with the blue/purple shimmer, but the eyeshadows are stunning.  Every one of these colours I have worn lots, they last really well and there's a really nice range of colours, it's not exactly a neutral set :)  Versailles is probably my favourite, it's so highly pigmented and shimmery, but not with glitter, it almost looked foiled.  Chateau is lovely too - but it is another one with a duo-chrome colour, this time it's a greeny shimmer, but on the eyes that's fine.  Then Collier - a beautiful shimmery sky blue, and then Sang Bleu, which in my opinion is more of a purple, but just as lovely.  All in all, beautiful colours, they're super pretty and look even better on your eyelids :)

Have you ever tried Neve products?

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  1. I like this

  2. How strange that the blushers have that strange coloured shimmer! Sounds like a nice brand though, anything non-comedigenic is right up my street! xx

    1. Cool you should give them a look :) Yeah, weird on the blushers, not my thing, but the shadows were beautiful :)

  3. Beautiful variety of colours, and so amazingly pigmented! I'll have to check this brand out, it seems great.

    1. Pigmentation was great, I love that they're cruelty free too :)

  4. Hello :)
    what a lovely review, Im from Italy LOL
    im now following you
    kisses dear


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