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Hey guys!  I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and have something nice planned for New Years eve?

I don't know about you and your Christmas traditions, but I always get dressed up on Christmas day, it's something I've done since I was a child and something I enjoy to do to this day.  It's very rare to see me in a skirt, but Christmas day is usually one of those days.  I go all out, tights, nice underwear, best jewellery, nice clothes, hair/makeup all have extra effort put into them (this is after opening my presents in my pyjamas!), it makes me feel special and I think it's nice to make an effort.

Now lets face it, we all wear bra's (unless there's any men reading this!) and finding the right one can be a nightmare.  Pro tip for you - it's always worth getting professionally measured for a bra (this is usually free of charge if you pop into somewhere like M&S / La Senza etc), so many of us wear bras that are too small, sometimes we're misguided thinking that a smaller cup may make our boobs look bigger, or we kid ourselves that we need a smaller size around the ribs, but having the wrong bra size can give you backache, so it's worth trying to get it right :)  Anyway, on a bit of a tangent there!

A ruby panache bra

Embroidery details on the bra
Oooh isn't it pretty?

Personally, I don't tend to shop for underwear seasonally in the way I do for clothes, but why not?  Seems a bit silly to neglect an entire set of clothing just because most people won't see it, you at least know it's there, and that's what I love about nice underwear, even if you're not wearing anything that special on the outside, you can still feel sexy and nice by putting on a nice underwear set, or a special bra etc.  I do tend to wear darker bras in the Autumn/Winter months, and light bras in Spring/Summer, but not varying dramatically.  I tend to favour purple/black for winter and blue shades for Spring.  I'd say I'm pretty daring with the shades and patterns I wear too, I think it's fun to mix things up a bit and wear a fancy bra underneath relatively plan clothes :)  Just thinking about it, I don't think I've ever had underwear given to me as a present either... I think I've always bought my own... heh, whaydda know! Do you ever get bought underwear?  Comment below - would be nice to see if it's just me that doesn't :p

This bra from Panache is part of their Superbra collection, a collection that goes up to KK to help the bustier of ladies, like me :)  This particular bra is the Melody Balconnet bra in Ruby, the perfect on season trend colour, to match with the makeup trend too (ruby/purple lips).  The first thing that struck me about the bra was the material, it's a very soft micro fibre called Polyamide - its really soft and has a slight rubberised texture to it.

The top of the cups are embroidered (as you can see in the picture) and in the centre there is a little rose made from a satin-style material, super pretty :)  As for comfort, this is a really comfortable bra to wear, aside from it having a good structure, the material being so soft makes it very nice to wear, and because of the embroidered top, it minimises the dreaded 'double boob' effect that can happen from having a bra too small or with a hard edge.  This bra costs £26 and you can find it at the Panache site here.

Whats your favourite bra to wear during the colder months?  Are you bold and go for bright colours or do you play it safe?

This months big pixi3 advertiser is the lovely Anastasia from Fashion Ramble - be sure to head over to check out her beautiful blog <3

*I did not receive any money for this post, but Panache did send the bra to me as a gift


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  1. Just had a look around on their website and they don't seem to stock my size! I'm a size 30C and it's absolutely murder to find bras, I went into Debenhams the other week and they only had one bra in the entire store that size! x


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