Sunday, 27 January 2013

Crystal Nail File

Hi guys! If you recall, back in December I went to a blogger event in London that was organised by a couple of other bloggers.  When I was there, I was lucky enough to win a crystal nail file, this is something I'd been really eager to try since I'd been speaking to Sandra from the Black Pearl Blog about it.  She'd been talking about the fact that they'd really helped her nails grow and basically she loved it.  So when I won one I was very excited :)  Especially as my nails were in such bad shape at the time (soft and peeling/splitting all the time).

I've found these online for just under £10 +P&P from here

They say "Swarovski Elements Crystal Nail Files By Mont Bleu Crystal Files Made With Tempered Bohemian Glass in The Czech Republic. Used around the best spas in the world, they are a real luxury and the surface has a life time guarantee. Totally hygienic as Crystal Nail Files do not absorb moisture or bacteria and can be sterlized or boiled if you wish. The surface of the files are acid etched on both sides, and made using a ion exchange technology. Crystal Nail Files are totally safe as they have been hardened and tempered but allow enough flexability required, the sides and ends of the glass files have been sanded by hand and are totally smooth, you can also files both ways and any nail residue you remove will have turned to dust while sealing the free edge making your nails stronger. Pointed front tip to clean under the free edge and aid cuticle removing."

On my nails: Fiddlesticks by Butter London (feat. in yesterday's post)

My Thoughts

For years I've been using the normal big patterned squishy nail files you can pick up in places like Boots or Superdrug and I'd never given much thought to whether or not they were good for my nails, but on reading more into it, they can be damaging.  The crystal nail file isn't damaging because it seals the ends of your nails to help stop peeling, which is what normal nail files don't do.

Since using this (nearly two months) I've had much less peeling on my nails, they've become stronger and they haven't broken or snapped as easily.  Yes, they've still had all those things happen, but much much less.  I love that it comes in a little velvet pouch too, it makes it feel really luxurious.

This is definitely something I will keep using and eventually when it's completely worn out, I'll treat myself to another one :)

If you're wondering which one I had, it's the Mont Bleu Swarovski file, you can check out their range here.

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  1. Great post! I've been meaning to pick up a crystal nail file as my nails aren't in the best shape (and I find those drugstore files don't really file a clean edge anyway). Will definitely check this out! x

  2. I love the look of the crystal one! I'm terrible though, I never file my nails because I get annoyed if they aren't all even, and then the shape isn't quite right and I end up filing them too short :(

    1. lol :p Well, all I can say is it does a great job, keeps the edges nice and smooth and not rough :)


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