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Feature: The Various Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour of Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Perhaps the most stressful part of preparing for a wedding proposal is finding the perfect ring. However, with an idea already in mind when that day comes, the adventure of selecting an engagement ring will prove to be more exciting than stressful. Possessing the knowledge of the various elements that contribute to the overall style and quality of the ring will ensure that the engagement ring search is done comfortably and with confidence.

There are several ways to assess the style of the ring: the cut (or shape) of the diamonds, the arrangement of the diamonds, and the setting.

The cut (which is also one of the 4 C's) of a diamond refers to the proportions of the gemstone, taking into account the uniformity of the cuts in relation to the width and depth of the stone. The "sparkle" that comes from diamonds is directly related to the cut: the depth of the cut determines how much light either reflects or deflects through the diamond. There are five basic diamond shapes:
  • Brilliant -Cylindrical in shape and most prominent of all shapes, has a high "sparkle" factor
  • Princess -Square in shape with a fairly high "sparkle" factor
  • Emerald -Rectangular in form with a moderate "sparkle" factor
  • Marquise -Oval shaped with pointed ends. The "sparkle" of this shape varies, depending on the dimensions of the centre, which tend to be more dense than the ends or tips of the diamond.
  • Heart -Heart-shaped. This shape is considered to be a "customized" shape.
The three most popular engagement ring diamond arrangements are:
  • Solitaire -Most common arrangement featuring a single diamond in the centre of the band. Although a solitaire is usually round, it can come in other shapes, such as Princess, Emerald, Oval, or Radiant.
  • Solitaire with Side Accents -Diamond solitaire in the centre with accent stones on each side of the solitaire. The accent stones can be similar to the solitaire or vary by type, shape, and/or size.
  • Three Stone -Three diamond stones (with either similar or varying shapes and/or sizes)on the centre. The three stones represent the past, present, and future of the relationship.
Lastly, there are two common diamond engagement ring settings:
  • Prong (also known as a "claw" setting) -4 or 6 prongs
  • Bezel (also known as a "rub over" setting) -Diamond is secured with a metal rim at the top corners. A part bezel indicates that the setting is evident throughout part of the diamond, while a full bezel indicates that the setting surrounds the entire or major portion of the diamond.
Once a general idea of the style of the ring is conceived, the 4 C's can be utilized to determine the quality of the diamond. The first C (cut) was described above. The remaining C's are colour, clarity, and carat. 

Diamonds are rated according to their colour: the more clarity they have, the more highly they are rated. Each diamond is given a letter rating, ranging from D (absolutely without colour and of the highest grade) to Z (yellow and aesthetically unattractive).

The clarity of a diamond indicates the lack of imperfections in the diamond. A rare, flawless diamond is given a FL or IF measurement, while a I1, I2, or I3 indicates that the imperfections can be seen with the naked eye.

The last "C" is carat, which is the weight of the diamond solitaire and usually ranges from 1/4 carat up to 4 or 5 carats in size.

Buying tips

Your budget will obviously dictate how perfect you can get the ring in terms of the carat, clarity and colouring and this can see a standard ring’s style price rocket by 4 times with a flawless colourless diamond which truth be told your partner may not even fully appreciate or know about.

You may think women would care about the size of the carat but in truth they would prefer the style to be right for them and suit their individual nature so buying a cheaper ring might be possible if you know the women you are buying for and her personal sense of style. If you get this right it will show her that you love and know her very well, which is extra sweet for her. 

Author Bio: Rebecca is a fashion student who has aspirations to design her own wedding gown collection and run her own specialist wedding boutique, she also works for Samara James helping people find the perfect diamond engagement rings for their loved ones. You might want to consider hiring a fashion consultant, such as Coathanger to get your outfit right for any occasion.

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