Wednesday, 9 January 2013

MUA Conceal and Brighten kit

On the 27th Dec I went sales shopping with a couple of friends and while I was out I discovered some of the new MUA products, which I quickly snapped up to give them a try.  I picked up this conceal and brighten kit, and the fixing mist (review coming soon).  Here's so swatches and as usual, my thoughts on what I thought about it underneath.

My Thoughts

MUA are a bit of a frustrating brand to me.  I love their products, they're really affordable and they're always bringing out new products and often really affordable alternatives of high end products (like the undressed/naked palette, the constellations/caviar) etc.  But for me, two things let them down, well maybe 3, I've had a few issues with their customer service not really being what I'd expect, when you order online they often take weeks to arrive (if they have a good deal on) and when you go into the shops, their stands are often either near empty or lots of the products have been opened and ruined.  So I tend not to buy from them online anymore, but I do still buy from them :)

I haven't had the best experience from really cheap concealer kits, I find (usually) that the quality is poor, as is the staying power, the crease and crack and are very oily, but I haven't found that to the the case with this one.  It's definitely more oily than my usual concealers (PerriconeMD No concealer concealer / Collection lasting perfection concealer) but they're both more liquid based products, so you'd expect them to be different.  What I like about this kit is the different colours, it allows you to be able to define and almost contour (a little) with these shades.  Personally, I use the lightest shade on the sides of my nose, the centre of my chin and a little between my eyes to highlight, I use the second lightest shade (on the left) on blemishes, and the darkest shade I actually use under the eyes - the salmony shade helps to get rid of the blueness and does a decent job of that - just apply it sparingly otherwise it will gather in fine lines.

They last pretty well - not as well as the no concealer concealer, but lets be realistic, they're miles apart in price (this brighten and conceal kit is £3.50 and available on their store here).

The only thing I'm really gutted about is that the shop didn't have their fur effect nail products for sale yet, and now I'm doing the 100 day spending challenge, I'm not going to have the opportunity to try them until mid April at the earliest :(

Have you tried any of their new products yet?

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  1. I saw this kit in Superdrug at weekend and couldn't decide whether to buy it or not, thanks for the review, I think I may just make the purchase now!

    PS - I'm a new follower and really like your blog :)

  2. I haven't tried any of the products but I am really thankful for you review!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. cool review! I`ve been looking for a concealer that brightens and conceals dark circles....i was give this a go but I`m a bit specticle because of its creamy consitency....i have oily skin and dont want to crazy. thanks for sharing x


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