Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Daily Makeup

When you're a beauty blogger and you invest lots of time trying different products out, your makeup routine is likely to change quite frequently.  So, I thought I'd write this little post to show you what I'm typically using each day and what I'm favouring :)

 Mac's Crew highlighter which I've re-purposed as a blusher

Chanel brow palette in Brun - I only use the darkest shade

Inika Mineral Eye shadow in Autumn Plum (was in my #bbloggersxmas goodie bag)

Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells trio, Maybelline The Falsies flared mascara (although I'm starting to lean towards the Rocket Volum instead) and PerriconeMD No Concealer Conealer*

YSL Touche Eclat Teint foundation, NARS pro prime eyeshadow base and Chanel Ecriture liquid eye liner

Maybelline FitMe pressed powder and Inika Khol eyeliner in Black Caviar* (in my #bbloggersxmas goodie bag)

My Routine

First off I prep my skin with either Nivea Pure and Natural day moisturiser, or the Witch Skin Clearing primer. 

I then apply 1 pump of foundation to my face, working it in with my fingers.
Then I use 1 pump of the No Concealer concealer for under my eyes and on any troubled areas
Then I take a big fluffy brush and work the Maybelline FitMe powder all over the skin, helping to create a more flawless finish and make my foundation last longer
Next I prime my eyelids with the NARS pro prime eye shadow base and let that set
While that's setting, I take a precise brush and run the darkest colour of my Chanel brow palette through my eyebrows to darken and give definition
Eye Shadow
Here I follow WnW suggestion of where to apply the shadows on my lid applying it with a large shader brush.  Then I take a crease brush and take a little of the Inika autumn plum and run it through my crease and just above to give a warmer look (for more definition, take an angled brush and run the autumn plum shade under your lower lash line too)

Eye liner
First I take the inika khol liner and run it over my waterline, then I take the Chanel ecriture liquid liner over my upper lash line and wing the outer edge
Next I curl my lashes and apply a coat of either Maybelline the Falsies or Rocket volum
Finally, I sweep some of my MAC Crew highlighter/blush over my cheeks for a subtle matte glow
I usually just wear lip balm :)  But I am trying to wear more daring colours :)

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  1. Loved this post :D - I'm also using the YSL foundation :) - Your eye makeup looks amazing as well!

    India Jewel Beauty Blog - Beauty, lifestyle & fashion too!

  2. Love the eyeshadow :D
    I usually only use BB cream and mascara for my daily looks >.<

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  3. Wish I could get my grubby mitts on the Wet n Wild palette, looks lovely on you. I recently bought Perricone No Concealer Concealer, really like it so far.

  4. Great post! I really want this Wet n Wild palette! xx

  5. that MAC blusher is so pretty!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  6. I love the brow powder, I use MUA which is only £3.50 but it's great :) xx

  7. I love being nosey in peoples make up bags. x

  8. Hi, I am your new follower who came from bbloggers blog hop! You've got such a lovely blog :) Unfortunately I've never joined bbloggers chat because of time difference (I'm in Tokyo), but I hope to chat with you soon here about beauty!

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo


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